Hong Yi, going by the nickname Red, is not a first-timer there: after surprising the world with her socks and coffee stain portraits, she’s back with a burnt-down candle image of Adele. Shanghai-based Red says she chose Adele for the Fire part of her four-part project, which will also include water, wind and earth. As you may have guessed, it was the “Set Fire to the Rain” song that gave her the idea.

The candle portrait took about 2 week to plan out, 7 hours to complete, and Red says she used approximately 1500 candles. “To me, Adele was probably singing about the pain of a lost relationship. Rain may be a metaphor for her tears she cried, and she is setting fire to it to burn and destroy her pain. I’ve used blue candles to represent tears, and by setting fire to them, they melt and flow into each other, forming a portrait of Adele,” – explains Red.

Website: redhongyi.com