Famous dutch painter Rembrandt once said “Choose only one master – Nature” and he couldn’t be more right. Nature is the best artist and a limitless source of inspiration. Unfortunately, not everyone can see that. This is why we want to show you these 35 wonderful nature’s patterns.

Of course, this is only a tiny fraction of all the nature’s beauty, so feel free to post your own pattern photos in the comment section below.

Photo by SullySilly

Photo by Hesham Alhumaid

Photo by Yasin Cobanoglu

Photo by Henrik Vind

Photo by Tony Kuyper

Photo by George F. Mobley

Photo by Javier Acosta

Photo by smoqu

Photo by Dusan Beno

Photo by Santi Senarat

Photo by Josh Norem

Photo by Carsten Peter

Photo by Didier Kobi

Photo by David Chauvin

Photo by Michael Fitzsimmons

Photo by Andrey Narchuk

Photo by Faisal Almaki

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