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Scientifically Accurate Planet Cakes by Cakecrumbs

Rhiannon, a self-taught chef from Australia, became famous for her planet cakes, which not only look tasty, but are also scientifically accurate! 25-year-old Zoology graduate bakes cakes that portray the layers within Jupiter and Earth, and uses powder, liquid and gel paste to draw the continents of the Earth and the beautiful swirls of Jupiter....

Stencil Remover Gets Turned into A Stencil Himself

Once street artist DS saw the man cleaning the wall and removing his creation, the artist took a photo of him and stenciled it, only to stick it back to the same spot later. Even if you're not a big fan of street art yourself, you gotta admit - the guy does have a good...

Same Little House Photographed from the Same Angle Over a 2-Year Period

Italian photographer Manuel Cosentino presents a beautiful photo series, based on a charmingly simple idea. He photographed one little house, from the very same angle, for over two years, capturing the horizon in different weather conditions, season and time of the day.

Macro Photos of Jumping Spiders Wearing Water Drops as Fancy Hats

Uda Dennie from Batam Island, Indonesia, can prove you that spiders are actually not all as scary as you might be used to thinking. 33-year-old photographer presents a series of macro photos, where he captures tiny jumping spiders, wearing water droplets as fancy hats on their heads.

31 Mapping Stereotypes From Around The World

London-based designer Yanko Tsvetkov decided to mock our simplified perceptions of the world by creating a series of infographical maps of the most popular national stereotypes. Instead of drawing the traditional geographical boarders of the countries, Yanko's maps indicate how different nations see one another.

You Won’t Believe These Rocks Are Pencil and Crayon Drawings

What looks like a gorgeous seashore of colored rocks in the water, are actually skillfully-made pencil drawings by Ester Roi!

Long Exposure Photos of Golden Waves by David Orias

David Orias takes stunning long-exposure photos of the sea that you could easily confuse for paintings on canvas: the series, titled Waves, were shot in the early mornings at the beaches of Southern California, and the sunlight colors the pictures in a truly surreal and magical way.

Artist Shows What the Night Sky Would Look Like If Cities Went Dark

If you live in a big city, clear starry sky must be a rare sight for you - however, photographer Thierry Cohen gives us a chance to see what some of the biggest cities would look like if they went completely dark.

What Barbie Would Look Like if She Were A Standard Woman

Artist Nickolay Lamm compared Barbie's proportions to a standard 19-year-old woman (as determined by the CDC), and after two months of work, printed a 3D model of what a “normal” Barbie would look like in real life.

A Colorful Canopy of Umbrellas Is Back to the Streets in Portugal

You probably remember the beautiful roof of Floating Umbrellas that covered the streets in Agueda, Portugal last year - seeing how much everybody loved the idea, Sextafeira Produções set up this installation this year again!

Everyday Objects Made Unusable by Giuseppe Colarusso

Switzerland-born artist Giuseppe Colarusso takes ordinary items and turns them into something nonexistent and completely useless - which at the same time looks really eye-catching and puzzling as a piece of art.

Realistic Animal Sculptures Made Out Of Pipe Cleaners

California-based artist Lauren Ryan creates realistic animal sculptures using nothing but... pipe cleaners! And by saying "nothing", we're actually not too far off from the truth..