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Giant Balloon-Filled Rooms Make Adults Feel Like Kids Again

Published 4 years ago

If you feel too old to get back into McDonald’s ball pit and yet wish to recapture the feeling, try visiting the interactive museum installation, put together by a British artist Martin Creed.

Creed calls the installation “Half the air in a given space“, and, as he explains, the situation is normal, because, “as usual, the space is full of air; it’s just that half of it [is] inside the balloons.” Interestingly, visitors say that they often get lost in the balloon-filled room and then all of a sudden run into someone as awe-struck as they are; or how they think they’re moving towards the center of a room, but end up hitting a wall.

First created in 1998, the installation since then was presented in a number of different museums.  Every time the installation ends, visitors are allowed to take a balloon home, which works out nicely as a partial deconstruction.

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Image credits: Cleveland Museum of Art, Sea of Space, MCA Chicago, Moby, Masako Fujinami, Jason Tan de Bibiana, Hot Balloon Blog, Rennie Collection, Joanne Keogh via My Modern Met

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