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Happy at Hundred: How People Look When They Reach 100 Years

Published 4 years ago

If you thought that only history textbooks are counting time in centuries, take a look at the “Jahrhundertmensch” (or “Century Man”) photo series by Karsten Thormaehlen. This German photographer made portraits of over 40 people, who have reached 100 years and are still happy to pose for the camera. Karsten worked on this series between 2006 and 2012 and published two portrait books, titled “Living a Century” (2008) and Happy at Hundred (2011).

Having survived two world wars, these smiling centenarians agree that it was mostly their ability to deal with stressful situations and ability to see the lighter side of life that allowed to reach such age. Scientist claim that a lot of this has to do with genetics, but extroverts and enthusiastic people seem to cope better as they age. Keep that in mind to blow your own 100 candles!


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