You may already know Patrik Svensson for his famous minimalist movie posters and book covers, but he has a lot more hidden in his ‘prince’s hat’ (his former pseudonym). Recently, this Sweden-based graphic designer got rid of this pseudonym, and shared his new portfolio site with us.

“I believe in two-way communication, and often try to involve the viewer in my design. Even if a picture is simple and flat I want there to be more to discover if you just take the time to study it a little closer,” says Patrik. He considers inspiration as “one of the sweetest and most mysterious things life has to offer” and seeks it by collecting memories: “Collect memories like a street cleaner collects garbage. Every now and then you’ll find an extra nice cigarette butt that you can keep in your pocket instead of throwing it in the plastic bag. Then one day when your hand reaches for that cigarette butt you’ll find that it has turned into a little diamond.”

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