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25 More Creative and Modern Chair Designs

Published 5 years ago

Many of you have enjoyed looking at the 20 Creative And Modern Chairs we posted earlier, so we thought it’s a high time for the part II. Once again we’ve handpicked some very cool chair designs and hope to make you feel even worse about the one you’re sitting on. Yes, we are bad!

Now, scroll down the list and then tell us which one of these creative chairs you would like to have.

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1. Puzzle-Like Inception Chair

Taking the chair archetype and placing within it chairs that are progressively smaller. The simple mechanism allows the chairs to be taken apart and put together with ease. (Designer: Vivian Chiu)

2. Suitcase Chair

Blue vintage suitcases, which we don’t come across often, recreated into comfortable classic suitcase chairs.  Steel reinforced internal structure, upholstered in 100% white linen with deep button detail and whitewashed timber turned legs. (Designer:  Katie Thomspon )

3. Skull Chair

“Souviens toi que tu vas mourir” (remember that you will die) chair by Pool, from the “Nouvelle Vague (New Wave), the New French Domestic Landscape” exhibition at the Milan Design Furniture. (link)

4. ReLegs Chair

A chair that is able to go down to its knees. This causes a very special way of interaction, since the chair is able to act in two different positions. The upright position is meant for a regular sitting attitude, whereas the other position is more relaxed and comfortable for the user, but not for the chair, that has to prostrate for its owner. By twisting the rear legs you can change to the one or the other attitude. (Designer: Jennifer Heier)

5. The Democracy Rules Chair

 The Democracy Rules chair is a laugh in the face of opulence and hierarchical systems that is sure to turn heads and be an immediate conversation starter. (Designer: Lina Saleem)

6. Flip Chair

Flip is designed to look as if it has been made from the tops of two chairs. It uses the wall to support it and when flipped over can be adjusted in height. (Designer: John Caswell)

7. All In One

This puzzling design by designer Sanjin Halilovic isn’t your average shelving unit.  It is, however, a modular furniture collection that become a table, chair, or lounge when broken down from the completed arrangement. The set’s four elements are constructed of wooden plaques fixed together with drvofix adhesive and finished in acrylic mat paint in fitting primary colors. (Designer: Sanjin Halilovic)

8. Cactus Chair

Cactus chair is an experimentation to investigate the effect of visual data to the user’s experience. The existence of the Barrel Cactus gives a temporary discomfort, even though the user knows that the cactus behind the glass is not a real threat. (Designer:  deger cengiz)

9. Random 8 Chair

Random8 shines in every color of the rainbow and changes its colors from morning to night, from season to season or with a simple change in perspective. (Designer: Pitaya Design)

10. Affinity Chair

Born out of an attempt at the impossible, the Affinity chair explores our relationship with light and space. When alone, the chair merges into the background becoming almost invisible as it cloaks itself in its environment. However when approached, the chair wakes, becoming transparent, revealing hidden depths and creating an almost infinite space beneath. As the sitter comes closer to the chair, the chair’s heart rate increases reminding us that even though it wants to escape, it is firmly and almost painfully stuck in front of us. (Designer: Ben Alun-Jones)

11. The Cradle

The chair provides a safe, relaxing environment for them to calm their senses but the solution seemed applicable to anyone looking to escape the rigors of a 9-5 life. The entire piece is flatpack ready and all materials are sourced from environmentally friendly resources, right down to the glue that binds the initial plywood layers. (Designer: Richard Clarkson)

12. Chair Inside A Chair

Chair inside a chair is a very comfortable and versatile sitting. When closed, it reduces storage space when opened it becomes a comfortable sitting and useful side table when open , it aims to be totally independent from other elements. (Designer:  Flavio Scalzo)

13. The Biker Chair

Just when you had gotten used to straddling the motorcycle seat- now you’ve gotta switch to sitting in a big comfy chair!? What a pain in the ass! OK – so that’s not an actual problem… but if it was this would be the solution! More aesthetically charming than practical, the Biker Chair reinterprets the seating position on a bike to a woven leather chair that’s sure to be a conversation starter. (Designer: Jang Woo-seok)

14. Hangchair

Combination of a chair and a hanger. (Designer: Niels&Sven)

15. Bunny Chair

Bunny is a fresh interpretation of the classic ear chair. The chair’s cheeky and playful design is further emphasized by the tightly-strapped strings wrapped around the soft, upholstered body. (Designer: normann copenhagen )

16. The Nest

Combining modern and age-old technique, NEST is constructed of a free form combination of round pegs that are bent and then drilled in a CNC milling machine for a precision fit. The pegs share an identical cut, making production easy and straightforward without sacrificing style. (Designer: Markus Johansson)

17. JiuJie Chair

Made from an eco-plastic that Jamy developed in 2010.  In order to reduce waste, Jamy wove the chair’s skeleton with the cut-off eco-plastic to create a colorful and comfortable ‘nest’ of sorts. Sitting inside the egg-shaped hood which hangs over one’s head will force users to think about how we should face the degrading environment surrounded by increasing waste. (Designer: Jamy Yang)

18. The Nest Made of Stainless Steel

 Handmade from stainless steel, the chair is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. (Designer: Pawel Grunert)

19. The Beehive Chair

Constructed from Lakepine Zero low emitting MDF, Beehive has beeswax polish to the edges, and uses Warm White Formica high pressure laminate to the vertical faces. (Designer: Graham Roebeck)

20. Nest Chair

Influenced by the spring and of nature, this chair is inspired by a bird’s nest. (Designer: Nina Bruun)

21. bOne Chair

The ‘bOne’ chair was created by JDF Raum and Kunst and was awarded the “Good Design 2011 Award” by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design. The concept is simple. The chair is designed around the concept of an actual bone’s microstructure– the shell being somewhat porous like a human bone. Within those pores go the “cells” which are individual cylindrical upholstered pieces whose composition in the chair is entirely up to the user to determine, thus creating the best fit for the user. The chair comes in various colors and combinations with a selection of 10 in both the cushions and the chair frame. (Designer: JDF Raum and Kunst)

22. The Cut Chair

The “Cut Chair” has only one unbroken leg, and creates an optical illusion that it’s about to fall. However, a plate concealed by a thick carpet allows a robust cantilevered seat. (Designer: Peter Bristol)

23. Animal Chairs

The Animal Chair collection constitutes a diverse range of species, from mammals to reptiles. Each creation retains the animal’s natural vitality whilst being totally biological accurate in their appearance. This collection is homage to these animals and the whole animal kingdom which inhabits our planet, as an attempt to reflect and capture the beauty of nature in each living thing. (Designer: Maximo Riera)

24. Pencil Chair

Chair made from hundreds of pencils. (Designer: Anon Pairot)

25. The Empty Chair

For the campaign “The Empty Chair”, designer made the symbolic empty chair, to support Amnesty in their fight for freedom of expression. (Designer: Maarten Baas)

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