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20 Unusual and Creative Vase Designs

Published 5 years ago

Even if you’re not a big flower lover, there’s still a big chance that someone will give you some flowers one day or another. That’s why you have to be prepared for this day, and being prepared means having a vase!

There are a lot of different designs, so we’ve tried to round up some of the most creative vases. Now scroll down the page and tell us which one do you like most?

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1. “Bloom My Body” Vase

“Bloom My Buddy allows to create endless number of original creations with flowers, leaves and stems!” (Designer: Niels van Eijk and Miriam van der Lubbe)

2. Peaceful Bomb

“War is destructive and bombs take away lives. But this peaceful bomb is designed to do the opposite! Add some flowers or green plants and turn it into a beautiful nurture for life!” (Designer: Biogust)

3. Whale Vase

“This Whale Vase is so simple, so elegant, so perfectly executed. It comes in two pieces you strategically place on any surface, as if the whale is breaking tide.” [1] (Designer: Alessandro Bêda)

4. 90º Vase

“Depending on the point of view, both ends coincide and make it look like a closed figure.” (Designer: Cuatro Cuatros)

5. Ventricle Vessel

“Ventricle vessel is as hand blown sculptural vase referencing the organic beauty of the human heart.” (Designer: Eva Milinkovic)

6. The Polaroid Flower Vase

“The illumination is for the plant, and the gentle curved shape will seem to be an image of a polaroid.” (Designer: Jung Hwajin)

7. SOB (Save Our Bottles) Vase

“SOB (Save Our Bottles) isn’t your ordinary vase. It came out of realization that plastic bottles are used and abused at an alarming rate. Designer’s solution: give these bottles a second chance and a new purpose at life as a vase, times three. The frame of SOB is contoured in the spirit of a classic vase while the suspended water bottle represents the heart and the soul.” (Designer: Human Republic)

8. Bestow Vase

“A cast of the designers hand, Bestow may serve as a vase or candlestick holder.” [2] (Designer: Harry Allen)

9. Ness & Beauly Vases

“These contemporary vases have a selection of channels allowing you to choose where you wish to place the stems of the flowers. All of the vases in the river collection are suitable for arrange of flower types working exceptionally well with fresh tulips and calla lilies.” (Designer: Graham Johnston)

10. Bucky Vase

“A modern animal lovers delight: the iconic deer trophy transformed into an eco-elegant wall vase, with your own tall flower stems as the antlers.”[3] (Designer: unknown)

11. Hula Hoop Vase

“A series of stackable disks, which when at half it’s height surrounds the wine bottle to become a wine cooler.” [4](Designer:  Cristiana Giopato)

12. Uterus Vase

“At first sight, Uterus Vase by The Plug & Stephanie Rollin is a vessel whose form and completion disconcert, causing ambivalent feelings.Although the shape of the female reproductive organ is known by everyone from illustrations in biology or anatomy books, one rarely speaks about it openly. Even more rare are the occasions to celebrate it. However, the statuary beauty of this smooth porcelain-like vase of pure whiteness gives its dignity back to an intrinsic human topic, that nowadays has become the celebrated theme of over-consumed erotic images.” [5] (Designer: The Plug & Stephanie Rollin)

13. Banana Bud Vase

“Designer has brought together fruit, flowers and humour in this quirky matt white vase.” [6] (Designer: Jonathan Adler)

14. Milk Carton Vase

“Got flowers? U.K. designer James Burgess pours a dash of whimsy into white porcelain. Perfect for dunking one, two or three flowers.” (Designer: James Burgess)

15. DIY Light Bulb Vase

“As more efficient compact fluorescent lights save you money, you might have old or unused incandescent bulbs lying around. With a little effort and less than a dollar, you can put outdated bulbs to good use and have a miniature flower vase you’ll be proud to show off.” (Designer: Tim Park)

16. ReBird Vase

“A flower that blossoms out of a dead bird. A Darwinist approach of the afterlife.” (Designer: Studio Toer)

17.  Flower Hair

(Designer: Jennifer McGarigle)

18. Lace Vase

“A soft vase to reuse plastic bottles and glass containers in a new way. The neck shape can fit variable sized containers.” (Designer: Milk Design)

19. Outline Vase

“This airy and clever interpretation of a vase will freshen up the look of any home. This porcelain outline vase from the Museum of Modern Art is a unique way to display a single bloom without interrupting the space around it.” [7] (buy)

20. Bikini Vase

“This vase looks likes if it has been cut in two. It is made in white ceramic and it hides a clear plastic insert in the center that gives your flowers the illusion they are wearing a two-piece.” [8] (Designer: PA Design)

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