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14 Untranslatable Words Explained With Cute Illustrations

How often are you at a serious 'loss of words'? Luckily, with 'Untranslatable Words' Marija Tiurina has collected, explained, and illustrated 14 non-English words we could certainly use.

Dinner For Perfectionists: Artist Duo Cuts Raw Food Into 98 Perfect Cubes

“Dicing” is the word you use for cutting food into cubes. And Dutch artist duo Lernert and Sander took it to the surprising extreme with 98 precisely cut cubes of vegetables and meat.

Reusable And Collapsible Water Bottle Alternative That Fits In Your Pocket

Feeling thirsty? Don't want to carry regular water bottles around? Then how about getting a Hydaway collapsible reusable bottle?

Empathy Cards For Seriously Ill People Created By Cancer Survivor

It's difficult to know what to say to seriously ill loved ones, so cancer survivor and illustrator Emily McDowell created Empathy Cards.

Norwegian Artist Merges Animals And Their Homes In Double Exposure Photographs

Andreas Lie makes animal art via the effect that scared anyone who has ever had a film camera – double exposure.

Heartwarming Illustrations Show That Love Is In The Small Things

What is love? While a certain song about not hurting me no more comes to mind, an artist by the name of Puuung thinks it’s all about sharing cute, heartwarming moments.

Finnish Photographer Captures The Most Otherworldly Night Pictures You’ll Ever See On Instagram

Many amateur photographers find managing lighting to be problematic, but not self-taught Mikko Lagerstedt, who taked his stunning photographs at night.

25 Photographers Who Clearly Think That The End Justifies The Means

How far would you go for the perfect shot? These folk right here already know the answer: as far as it takes, and then more.

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