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Famous Old Photos Recreated in Color by Sanna Dullaway

Published 4 years ago

Ever thought what was the color of Abraham Lincoln’s hair? Most of us probably see him in black and white in our minds because of all the old pictures, yet a Swedish artist Sanna Dullaway decided to give the past a high resolution color makeover. She retouched some historic and iconic pictures we’ve grown so familiar with, and recreated them in color.

Sanna presented these pictures as a way to promote her services of photo restoration. What was intended to showcase her great photoshop skills, instantly went viral and turned into a huge debate on mocking the past. Some users got really upset with Sanna inventing the coloring of the historic moments, while others appreciated how she brought back the emotional impact of the scenes. Whom do you side with in this debate?


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Abraham Lincoln

Self-Immolation of Thich Quang Duc

Winston Churchill

Operation Crossroads, Baker Event at the Bikini Atoll

Charles Darwin

Theodore Roosevelt

Che Guevara

Charlie Chaplin

Anne Frank

August Strindberg

Fridtjof Nansen

Marc Twain

Albert Einstein

Alfred Hitchcock

Victory Over Japan Day in Times Square

Colorization in Action by Frank Augrandjean

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