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Artist Creates Stunning Landscapes Entirely Out of Food

Published 3 years ago

Pictures of food and pictures of art do well on the internet, so London-based photographer Carl Warner wised up and combined the two into a deliciously creative and ingenious set of landscapes crafted entirely out of food called ‘Foodscapes.’

The 25-year veteran advertisement photographer came up with the idea to photograph clever arrangements of cabbage oceans, mashed-potato mountains and salami rivers roughly 10 years ago, but only in 2008 did it receive international recognition. Since then, he has continued developing the idea, using his experience with artificial lighting and tabletop photography to create new delicious foodscapes.

Would you hang one of these on your wall?

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Candy Cottage

Bread Village

Salami Tuscany

Pumpkin Paradise

Cucumber Bridge

Red Hot Chilli Scorpion

White Chocolate Castle

Chocolate Express

Broccoli Forest

Salmon Sea

Celery Island

Salami Mountains and River

Tuscan Landscape

Tuscan Market

Cabbage Sea

Celery Forest

Breadford & Cheesedale

Stilton Cottage

Lettuce Seascape

Images by Carl Warner

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