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149 Free Paper Textures and Backgrounds

Published 5 years ago

It has been a long time since we posted any free design resources, so it’s time for another freebies collection! This time we’ve tried to put some of the best free paper textures in one post. Of course, the web is so wide that it’s simply impossible not to miss some great graphics, so if you happen to know some good high resolution free paper backgrounds that we’ve missed – please leave a comment.

So here you are, 149 high resolution free graphics including vintage, grunge, torn, stained, notebook, lined, wrinkled and old paper textures. Enjoy!

P.S.: let us know if you find something useful for your designs – we’d love to see them in use!

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Old Paper Texture

Download 1800×2500 px

Notebook Paper Texture

Download 2550×3510 px

Grungy Paper Texture

Download 2000×2837  px

Grungy Paper Texture

Download 2000×2862 px

Grungy Paper Background

Download 2000×2849 px

Crumpled White Paper Texture

Download 2048×1536 px

Vintage Music Paper

Download 2548×3508 px

Grungy Paper Texture

Download 2000×2795 px

Paper Texture

Download 2072×1692 px

Old Paper Texture

Download 1800×2700 px

Paper Texture

Download 2552×3276 px

Old Paper Texture

Download 2000×2818 px

Grungy Paper Texture

Download 2000×2823 px

Grunge Paper Texture

Download 2400×3000 px

Old Paper

Download 2000×2844 px

Grunge Floral Paper Texture

Download 3000×2400 px

Grungy Paper Texture

Download 2000×2818 px

Cardboard Texture

Download 2000×1485 px

Old Book Page

Download 1704×2670 px

White Paper

Download 2544 x 3508 px

Graph Paper

Download 4968×3060 px


Download 2012×2064 px

Lined Paper

Download 2394×3307 px

Stained Paper

Download 1600×2265 px

Old Paper

Download 1918×2668 px

Old Paper

Download 2508×3116 px

Old Paper Texture

Download 2300×3174 px

Torn Yellow Paper

Download 3648×2736 px

Old Paper

Download 4868×6378 px

Old Newspaper Texture

Download 1820×1517 px

Vintage Paper

Download 2592×3888 px

8 Paper Textures

Download ~2000×2500 px

9 Vintage Paper Texture pack

Download 2422×3966 px, 300 dpi

4 Vintage Paper Texture Pack

Download ~2000×2500 px

5 Raw Paper Textures

Download 1024×768 px

14 High-Res Paper & Canvas Textures

Download 2500×1667 px

5 High Resolution Grungy Paper Textures

Download 2500×1667 px

9 Paper Textures

Download ~2000×2500 px

13 Paper Textures

Download 2100×2500 px

9 Natural Paper Textures

Download 1024×850 px

32 Wrinkled Paper Textures

Download   2552×3508 px

10 Old Paper Textures

Download 1300×2300 px , 300 dpi

6 Old Paper Textures

Download ~1000×750 px

4 Old Paper Texture Pack

Download 2500×3300 px

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