High Speed Liquid Flowers by Jack Long

Milwaukee-based photographer Jack Long has recently published incredible series of liquid flowers, amazingly, all captured in one high speed exposure, without any Photoshop trickery. The artist has perfected the method to shape and color the liquids by using the mixture of water, thickener, pigment and dye.

The series, called “Vessels and Blooms” is the result of months of trial and error – hundreds of shots were made in testing and then many more during the final capture stage.

“Wanted to advance my fluid suspension/high speed photography to a higher level. I created the liquid Vase in the autumn of 2011. I worked on creating the floral forms and leaves through the winter and put it all together Spring 2012. All of my images, unless otherwise noted are single capture events. I do not use photoshop to create composited images. What you see is what occurred in that single exposure.”

Website: flickr

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