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40 Hyper Realistic Artworks You Won’t Believe Are Not Photographs

Published 3 years ago

Since the earliest known cave drawings people tried to replicate the things they saw, but only the best artist could come close to replicating the real world. Even the invention of photography in the nineteenth century didn’t stop the artists, on the contrary, the photographs helped to gather visual information and achieve even greater photo-realism. How far did they get? Here is a list of 40 stunning artworks that you won’t believe aren’t photographs.

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Pencil Drawings by Diego Fazio

Acrylic Paintings by Jason de Graaf

Oil Paintings by Pedro Campos

Oil Paintings by Robin Eley

Sculptures by Ron Mueck

Oil Paintings by Steve Mills

Pencil Drawings by Paul Lung

Oil Paintings by Roberto Bernardi

Ballpoint Pen Drawings by Samuel Silva

3D Paintings In A Bowl By Keng Lye

Bic Pen Paintigns by Juan Francisco Casas

Watercolor Paintings by Erich Christensen

Oil Painting by Teresa Elliott

Pencil Drawings by Lynch-Smith

3D Paintings by Riusuke Fukahori

Oil Paintings by Gregory Thielker

Pencil Drawings by Franco Clun

Pencil Drawings by Paul Cadden

Oil Paintings by Omar Ortiz

Charcoal Drawings by Daisy

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