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Interactive Street Art In Malaysia by Ernest Zacharevic

Published 4 years ago

As part of the George Town festival in Penang, Malaysia, Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic (25) is decorating the city walls with his clever street art.

His most popular piece features two children on a real bike which is propped up against the wall. People loved the idea so much that they are stopping to take pictures of themselves chasing the children down the road, going for a ride together, and some add captions about their childhood memories. If you happen to be in Penang, Malaysia, you can find it here.

Website: | facebook

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“Armenian Street wall’s painting has tapped deep into the minds of Penangites and visitors, provoking a fascinating and creative response. There is no fixed meaning; the artwork is open for interpretations, recreations and narratives.”

“This is street art at its best, when it stops being an individual painting and becomes part of the public imagination,” says Ernest Zacharevic.


Take your own creative picture and post on Ernest Zacharevic’s Facebook fan page to be a part of it. The most interesting picture will be rewarded. Submission deadline is 5th of July. Winners will be awarded on 6th of July in Rescube opening in 212 Beach Street.”

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