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30 More Clever Logos With Hidden Symbolism

Published 5 years ago

Continuing our series of posts on logo design with hidden symbolism, today we bring you another wonderful list of inspiring logo designs. Did I say inspiring? Heck, it may be the other way around! They’re so good, they’ll probably make you feel bad about your own works. Do you still want to continue?

If you do, you may as well check out our previous lists of clever logos with hidden symbolism here: Part I, Part II.

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1. Lochness

(Designed by Navy Blue Design)

2. Corporate Bowling

(Designed by logotyped)

3. Illusion

(Designed by Anthony Lane )

4. Height

(Designed by strizhart)

5. Fit

(Designed by Radomir Tinkov)

6. Mummy

(Designed by hemisferiod)

7. Diamond Bookstore

(Designed by JoannaMalik)

8. Attack

(Designer: unknown)

9. VinoPiano

(Designed by Mootto Studio)

10. PlayGround

(Designed by by Denis Wong)

11. The Installers. Doors & More

(Designer: unknown)

 12. Sleep Records

(Designed by Nima Jazireh)

13. Newcastle Food & Wine Festival

(Designed by Jacob Cass)

14. Knife

(Designed by cleber)

15. Dig

(Designed by Matto)

16. Artfarm

(Designed by Brigada Creativa)

17. Infinite Love

(Designed by KonradK)

18. DoDo Grill Restaurant

(Designed by Dalibor Novák)

19. Cork

Logo for a champagne bar. (Designed by Tømme)

20. Nine TV

(Designed by andresousa)

21. Infinity Crime Studio

(Designed by

22. Wave

(Designed by Jan Zabransky)

23. Cinema Cafe

(Designed by Muamer)

24. Art Sharks

(Designed by dzineden)

25. Curious

(Designed by actiondesigner)

26. Animal Search

(Designed by nickhood)

27. Rehabilitation Hospitals of America

The company’s tag line is “We rebuild lives, step by step by step.” (Designed by John Langdon)

28. French Bakery

(Designed by: milash)

29. Steps

(Designed by: Jason Sanzone)

30. Freedom

(Designed by Jens Wickelgren)

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