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Long Exposures Of Sleeping Couples by Paul Schneggenburger

Published 3 years ago

„The Sleep of the Beloved“ is a beautiful photo series from photographer Paul Schneggenburger that manages to explore the unconscious dynamics that exist between slumbering lovers. To shoot the project, Schneggenburger set up a specially-prepared bedroom in his studio apartment and took a single long exposure of each sleeping couple from midnight to 6 in the morning.

The resulting shots are tangled messes of ghostly bodies that, with the help of our imaginations, seem to speak subtle volumes about the relationships shared between the sleeping lovers. Some of the couples melt into each other while others stay within their own boundaries. Are they less caring to each other, or simply more respectful of each others’ space?

Source: Paul Schneggenburger (via lostateminor)

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long exposure, Paul Schneggenburger, sleeping couples, The Sleep of the Beloved, time-lapse
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