Breathtaking Australian Star Trails by Lincoln Harrison

You might’ve seen dozens of great long exposure photography examples, but the work by the Australian Lincoln Harrison will make your jaw drop. This amateur photographer spends up to 15 hours in the Australian outbacks in order to capture the long exposure shots of the star trails over the Lake Eppalock. The result is incredibly surreal – due to the motion of the Earth it seems that the stars are traveling across the sky, drawing vibrant circular trails.

Lincoln got drawn to photography by pure accident: just a little over 2 years ago, he bought his first camera, a Nikon D3100, in order to photograph some clothes he wanted to sell on eBay. This purchase, however, resulted differently than he might’ve  expected: “I wasn’t planning on getting into photography  as a hobby but a week later I had about eight lenses and all the other  goodies. I’ve been shooting at least two or three  times a week ever since, mainly landscapes, star trails when the conditions are  just right.” Thanks to him, we can see the kind of starry nights we otherwise couldn’t!


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