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Rainbow Igloo Made Using 500 Milk Cartons

Published 4 years ago

When New Zealander Daniel Gray was coming to visit his girlfriend’s family in Canada, he had no clue what his mother-in-law was about to ask. To test her daughter’s boyfriend, Brigit Burton asked him to build an igloo in the backyard! To help Daniel do that, she had already collected 500 paper milk cartons which they used to make rainbow bricks. To make the bricks, they filled containers with colored water, froze them and removed the paper afterwards. Finally, Daniel had to figure out a way to structure these colored bricks with -25 °F (-31 °C) outside!

“I wanted to keep him occupied!” says Brigit. And she did: Dan spent around 150 hours building the igloo, with the rest of the family and even a neighbor helping him out. “The reason that she’s given since she decided it was such a big job was that she would allow me to marry her daughter, so I guess I’ve accomplished that,” said Dan with a smile, overlooking his amazing rainbow igloo.


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To make the rainbow bricks, 500 milk cartons were filled with colored water and frozen. After removing the paper, they got rainbow bricks.

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Brigit Burton, colored igloo, Daniel Gray, DIY, diy igloo, ice, rainbow igloo, winter
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