A 29-year-old Canadian Rick Genest has gotten used to people taking his pictures and staring on the streets: that’s what you get when 80% of your body is covered in corpse-like tattoos. At the age of 15, Rick underwent a complicated brain tumor removal, which must’ve contributed to him seeing “a human body as a decomposing corpse”.

Out of respect for his parents, Rick had his first tattoo done when he was 16. He started working on the corpse project at the age of 21. It took Rick 6 years and thousands of dollars to get this body work done, creating it together with a Montreal-based tattoo artist Frank Lewis. The Zombie Boy has already done a number of fashion shows and shootings, took part in several movies and even Lady Gaga’s video for her hit “Born this Way”. The name of the song must definitely ring a bell to him as well!

Website: rickgenest.com

Photos by: Yves Borgwardt