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Incredible Salt Art by Motoi Yamamoto

Published 4 years ago

In tribute to his little sister who died from the brain cancer, Japanese artist Yamamoto Motoi spends hundreds of hours carefully pouring table salt on the gallery floor to create incredible patterns. At first, Yamamoto created a three-dimensional brain as an exploration of his sister’s condition. Later, the artist wanted to see what would happen if the patterns of the brain were flattened.

“Drawing a labyrinth with salt is like following a trace of my memory,” he says. And like memories, Yamamoto’s work vanishes shortly after they’re made.

You can see Yamamoto in action on August 29 – 31 and September 4-6 from 12-4pm at the Laband Gallery. On December 8th, he invites everyone to help him destroy the art and return it to the sea.

Website: | via fastcodesign and colossal

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Salt Labyrinths

Floating Garden


Image Credits:  Bernd Tuchen |  firepile |  Aasimah! | Motoi Yamamoto

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