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Man Creates Giant Snow ‘Crop Circles’ by Walking All Day

Published 4 years ago

Remember Sonja Hinrichsen and her snow art we posted last year? This time, a British engineer Simon Beck will make your jaws drop even more: the 54-year-old man creates massive trampled snow drawings by walking all day long in his snowshoes! Looking a bit like frosty crop circles, some of his drawings in the ski resort of Les Arcs in France stretch up to the size of 6 football pitches.

Simon says the main reason to start this was the need for exercise, when due to problems with his feet he could no longer run. The intricate snow art pieces require detail planing and mapping, which the man first does on his computer. As an orienteering leader, he uses a compass to create the geometric designs on the snow and calls his method “kind  of reverse orienteering”. In case of unfavorable weather conditions, some of his snow drawings can’t even be finished. Their lifespan also depends on the weather. Now that’s quite a sight for the cable car users!

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