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Stunning Anamorphic Sculptures by Jonty Hurwitz

Published 4 years ago

At a first glance, you won’t get the point of Jonty Hurwitz’s sculptures – they are created with such mathematical precision, that can only be seen in a reflection. To get this effect, London-based artist first scans a 3D object, then distorts it with computer using π algorithms. His final pieces, made from perspex, steel, resin, or copper, have to be viewed next to a round reflective cylinder – only then the objects come to focus.

“Finding that line between art and science is the underlying motivator in my art life,” says Jonty. If you’re in London, make sure to see his work exhibited at the Kinetica Art Fair, February 28th through March 3rd!


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3d, anamorphic sculptures, anamorphism, cylinder, illusion, Jonty Hurwitz, optical illusion, reflection, sculpture
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