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Posts tagged "3d printing"

3D-Printed Snack That Grows Its Own Mushroom Filling

3D printing is surely going to revolutionize the art of getting things and knickknacks you don't really need. But a plucky young food and concept designer named Chloé Rutzerveld wants to see a 3D printed snack that grows before you eat it.

Pop Culture Buddhas: Now You Can Meditate To Your Favorite Superheroes and Villains

Chris Milnes is the Etsy artist behind the “Zen” line of 3D-printed sculptures of Buddha whose heads have been replaced with those of popular characters.

This 3D-Printed Lamp Turns Any Room Into A Wonderland

Paris-based artist couple Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques fused interior design and 3D printing in their latest beautiful creation - a lace-patterned lamp. When turned on, it casts beautiful floral patterns on your room’s walls.

3D-Printed City Shells For Hermit Crabs by Aki Inomata

Inspired by the urban landscapes of the biggest cities in the world, Inomata used 3D printing to create elegant shells for the little hermit crabs, which change their shelters as soon as they grow out of their old ones.

LIX: The Smallest 3D Pen That Lets You Draw In The Air

The LIX 3D drawing pen is the latest product in the innovative and rapidly growing field of 3D printing. This device allows one to write, draw, create decorations, jewellery, and art pieces straight in the air.

The World’s First 3D Printing Pen That Can Draw in the Air!

Have you ever dreamed you could draw things in the air? Well now you can! 3Doodler is the world’s first and only 3D Printing Pen that draws in the air or on surfaces.

3D Photo Booth Prints Personal Miniature Figures

Today you don't have to be a Batman to have an action figure of yourself created: the Eye of Gyre gallery in Japan offers you to use a 3D photo booth, which instead of photographs will print out a miniature action figure of you.