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Posts tagged "baby photography"

Russian Photographer Captures Adorable Photos Of Animals And Kids Playing In Snow

Babies, animals, snow - a recipe for disaster, am I right? Apparently, no, because Russian photographer Elena Karneeva has done some kickass photo sessions that netted her editor's choice on 500px.

Photographer Reveals How Mothers’ Bodies Look After Birth

Pregnancy and birth have some side effects on mothers' bodies, but photographer Jade Beall is out there to prove that they are still beautiful. Her photographs show mothers in all their uncovered, unedited glory - including stretch marks and children. They don't seem regretful.

Tragic Photographs of Parents Giving Their Last Goodbye to their Lost Babies

Few things break the parent's hearth as loss of an infant or still birth. So much grief, and yet no one right way to grieve. So these families have chosen a solemn and beautiful way to do it: they immortalize the lives that could have been by taking family photos with their lost infants.

Raw Photos Of C-Section Newborns Destroy Warm And Fuzzy Concept Of Childbirth

A mewling little thing, covered in blood and whatever vernix. That‘s how baby looks like the first moments of his life and Christian Berthelot hell bent on showing that to the world in his photography.

Couple Does A Cliché Newborn Photoshoot With Their Dog Instead Of A Baby

If you want to have a baby photoshoot, but don’t yet have a baby, you can do what Jamie Clauss, a professional photographer of parents and their newborns, did. She took adorably ridiculous photos of a couple and their lovely dog instead of a baby.

These Long-Lost Photos From 50 Years Ago Prove That Motherhood Hasn’t Changed Much

It took an established 83-year-old photographer Ken Heyman by a great surprise when he found a box full of black and white photos of mothers and their children around the world that he took 50 years ago.

Photographer Mother Takes Adorable Pictures Of Her 10 Month-Old Son And Their Rescue Dog

LA-based lifestyle photographer Grace Chon specializes in human and animal portraits an in this amusing photo series called “Zoey and Jasper.” She got her 10-month-old baby boy Jasperto pose with their adopted 7-year-old dog Zoey with matching clothes, hats, glasses and other stylish accessories.

Photographer Karen Wiltshire Reveals Her Secret For Taking Adorable Baby Photos

Photographer Karen Wiltshire has come up with a useful and adorable secret for taking adorable portraits of sleeping infants like these. The photographer uses an app on her phone that plays the sound of a blowing hairdryer while she runs her fingers gently over the children's eyelids. With this method, the babies fall asleep in...

Creative Parents Make Their Baby Son A Star By Re-Enacting Famous Movie Scenes

Lilly Lang and Leon Mackie, young parents of a 10-month-old baby boy Orson, got completely carried away with their new project. The passionate cinephiles used the cardboard boxes, left after they had moved, to re-enact the most iconic scenes from their favourite movies, only for their kid to star in them this time.

Sleeping Baby Goes on Imaginative Dream Adventures in His Creative Mother’s Photos

Have you ever wondered what babies dream about? Loving mama Queenie Liao has given us her own take on this questions by illustrating what her own tyke's dreams might look like when he's asleep.

Creative Couple Pulls Baby Out Of A Magic Hat

Anthony Stuart and his lovely and magical wife turned their daughter's birth into a fun photo shoot opportunity, casting themselves as an adorable magician's show. At the end of this series, which is called The Magic Show, they pull their cute little newborn rabbit out of the hat and pose for the camera.

Mom Upgrades Her Baby’s Photos With Cute Pen Drawings

Adele Emersen, a Finnish copywriter in advertising, takes pictures of her baby son in various sleeping positions and then draws over adorable details with a pen. Minimalistic and sketch-like drawings of Vincent's businesses make the pictures look unbelievably cute and aesthetic.