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Brothers Recreate Their Childhood Photos As A Sweet Anniversary Present For Their Parents

Here‘s a fun way to congratulate your parents on their wedding anniversary – gather your siblings around and recreate your childhood photos! That's what these two brothers did when they wanted to surprise their parents with something original and sweet for the 46th anniversary of their special day.

12 Before And After Photos That Reveal The Beautiful Transformations Of Autumn

Take a minute and embrace the beautiful transformations of nature in autumn, starting from our compilation of before-and-after photos, and later, hopefully, emerging yourself in the real-time experience of autumn, dwelling just outside of your windows and doors.

Musicians’ Portraits Before And After They Perform

Photographer Brandon Andersen has created an interesting before-and-after photography project that has portrayed, in a readily visible way, just how much effort some musicians can put into their live performances.

Woman Sent Her Portrait To Over 25 Countries To Compare Their Different Beauty Standards

US-based journalist Esther Honig held an international experiment exploring how women's beauty standards vary from nation to nation. In her project, called “Before and After,” she sent a plain photograph of herself to amateur and professional freelance photo editors worldwide, asking them simply to make her beautiful.

Two Brothers Re-Create Childhood Photos As A Priceless Gift To Their Mother

The brothers made the pictures into a Christmas calendar as a gift for their mother to remind her of the good old days and appreciate her children's beautiful brotherhood, which only seems to have grown stronger over all those years. Some of them are disturbing, some of them are odd, but all in all, the...

Striking Transformation From Homeless Veteran to Potential Business Man

Just in time for Veterans' Day in the U.S., homeless veteran Jim Wolf has received a complete makeover and sharp suit courtesy of Degage Ministries and Design 1 Salon & Spa. The change was only aesthetic, but it has prompted Wolf to seek out housing and enter the alcoholic Anonymous program, so his supporters hope...

Stunning Make Up Art by Vadim Andreev

By using only cosmetics, Russian make up artist Vadim Andreev transforms ordinary women into fabulous cover girls and everyday joes into hot studs. The skillful artist manages to take away several years, any signs of fatigue, and just anything that you always wanted to hide. Impressive, isn't it?

Before and After Portraits Show the Effects of Time and Aging

To explore the effects of aging, London-based photographer Ana Oliveira asked her models to give portraits from their youth so that she could recreate them today. The seniors were then photographed in the same pose, wearing similar clothes and even making the same facial expressions.

20 Touching Dear Photographs

When a 21-year-old Ontario-based online media expert Taylor Jones posted a couple of family pictures on his blog, little did he know that 'Dear Photograph' will eventually grow into a huge Internet nostalgia forum with 20,000 visits a day.

Ghosts of WW2 Blended Into Present Day Pictures

Usually it's hard to relate to the stories we read in our history books - even if we know that these things happened where we now live. Dutch historian Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse attempts to show us how close the past actually is to us, by combining the World War II pictures with the present day...

Back to The Future with Irina Werning

Irina Werning, a photographer born in Buenos Aires, is working on an interesting project called “Back to The Future” where she takes someone’s old photo and recreates the same old scene with the same person many years later.