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Melancholic B&W Watercolors Of Children And Wild Animals

Indonesia-based artist Elicia Edijanto paints these beautiful black and white watercolors, contrasting the majestic animals with the small figures of children.

Rare Photos Of Iconic Actress Audrey Hepburn Off Of The Silver Screen

Anyone who has even a passing interest in cinema and popular culture history knows the name of iconic British actress and humanitarian Audrey Hepburn (born in 1929). Hepburn’s image is widely recognized as a perfect representation of Hollywood in the 60s and 70s, and she also is considered a fashion icon of the era.

21 New Colorized Historic Photos

Old black and white photographs, with their mysterious historical contexts, engage our fascination and curiosity far more than a black and white photo without history ever could. And thanks to modern technologies and passionate people, we can travel back in time and see how these historical photos might have actually looked in color.

Amusingly Disturbing B&W GIFs Made From Historic Photographs

NYC-based art director and designer Kevin Weir has released a series of ghostly GIFs based on historic black and white photographs depicting war scenes and portraits. The slow-paced GIFs catch us with disturbing surprises, scaring us but also giving us a dark sort of satisfaction.

1950s Hong Kong Street Life Captured By Fan Ho

The mysterious and experimental black and white photography of 83-year-old photographer Fan Ho gives us a unique chance to see the long-lost cityscapes of Hong Kong in the 1950s, putting its vast cultural, social and economic changes into perspective.

Mother Takes Pictures Of Her Children’s Summers In The Polish Countryside

Lodz, Poland-based photographer and mother of two Izabela Urbaniak takes beautiful pictures of her children with their cousins and friends as they spend their care-free summer days in the Polish countryside in Lugowiska.

These Long-Lost Photos From 50 Years Ago Prove That Motherhood Hasn’t Changed Much

It took an established 83-year-old photographer Ken Heyman by a great surprise when he found a box full of black and white photos of mothers and their children around the world that he took 50 years ago.

This Photographer Collected Children’s Nightmares And Turned Them Into Twisted Photos

In his stunning “Dream Collector” series, American photographer Arthur Tress tapped into the immense emotional power present in children's dreams and turned them into a gripping series of surreal photographs.

Father Of Two Captures Heartwarming Childhood Moments In Polish Village

Sebastian Łuczywo is a brilliant Polish photographer who loves capturing the dearest moments in the lives of his beautiful family in their rural village in Poland. The photographs are mostly black and white, which gives them even more depth and lets the viewer focus on their emotion.

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Releases Over 400,000 Images From Its Epic Collection To The Public Online

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the largest art museum in the U.S. and one of the most important museums in the world, just digitally released a collection of almost 400,000 pictures of works in its collection online.

What The Human Body Looks Like At 100 Years Of Age

Photographer Anastasia Pottinger was once approached by a 101-year-old woman who wanted her body to be photographed in the nude. She was fascinated by the results, recognizing that the photos she had were special. This is how the „Centenarians“ project was born.

20 More Historic Black and White Pictures Restored in Colour

One of reddit’s subreddits, r/ColorizedHistory, hosts a community that shares a passion for colorizing black and white photography. Here’s a compilation of some of their wonderful work, which gives us a chance to glimpse at the colours of a world long gone.