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Posts tagged "creative portraits"

This Guy Takes His Facebook Profile Pics Very Seriously

This guy takes his profile pics a lot more seriously than most of us, transforming himself into guys of different lifestyles and professions on a regular basis.

Realistic Portraits Ironed And Folded From Tulle Fabric

British artist Benjamin Shine creates large stunning portraits from a rather unusual material – tulle. The artist carefully irons and folds the fabric, pleating it into amazing pictures, ranging from portraits of iconic stars to beautiful abstractions. The works are entirely single-coloured, but Shine’s precise technique helps him create multiple layers and shades that turn...

Crazy Portraits of People Being Blown by a Leaf Blower

Last week, visitors to the TADAO CERN studio were invited to participate in a crazy photo shoot where Lithuanian photographer Tadas Černiauskas aimed a powerful leaf blower at their faces creating some incredibly funny facial expressions.