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Posts tagged "crop circles"

Man Creates Giant Snow ‘Crop Circles’ by Walking All Day

A 54-year-old British engineer Simon Beck creates massive trampled snow drawings by walking all day long in his snowshoes. Looking a bit like frosty crop circles, some of his drawings in the ski resort of Les Arcs in France stretch up to the size of 6 football pitches.

Underwater Crop Circles Found near Japan

While diving 80 ft below the sea level Japanese photographer Yoji Ookata discovered a mysterious 6.5 ft wide circle intricately carved from sand. For its resemblance to crop circles, Ookata named his new finding a “mystery circle,” and decided to bring a whole TV crew to try solve the mystery.

Incredible Sand Drawings by Andres Amador

San Francisco-area based landscape artist and explorer Andres Amador creates incredible large-scale sand drawings using only a rake and some help from volunteers.