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CSS Puns Are The Highest Form Of Web Designer Humor

NEEERDS! What will they do next?! How about making some programming language-based puns? Seijo George, a Melbourne-based web designer, created some clever puns and illustrations based on some he had seen created with the CSS language.

28 Creative T-Shirt Designs Demonstrate That “Image on Chest” Isn’t The Only Choice

Here are 28 creative t-shirt ideas that take it up a notch. Instead of taking the easy way out with a simple witty phrase or a Photoshopped image of an astronaut with a boombox, these designers got creative.

An Otter House In Japan Now Has A Roundabout – No More Underwater Traffic Jams

Japan is always up for building something crazy - like, for example, an otter roundabout - which is exactly what Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park in Miura City did!

26 Green Ideas That Bring Nature Into Your Home

When there’s no time to leave the city, you can have refreshing bits of nature inhabit your home instead. Take a look at 26 chlorophyll-infused ideas for how to fill your home with green oases.

This 3D-Printed Lamp Turns Any Room Into A Wonderland

Paris-based artist couple Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques fused interior design and 3D printing in their latest beautiful creation - a lace-patterned lamp. When turned on, it casts beautiful floral patterns on your room’s walls.

Visual Poetry by Anatol Knotek

Anatol Knotek, a talented artist and poet based in Vienna, creates brilliant and minimalistic pieces of concrete poetry that communicates messages in a way that words alone never could.

This Cloud Lamp Can Create A Thunderstorm In Your Home (Without All The Rain)

New York- and New Zealand-based multidisciplinary designer Richard Clarkson has created one of his most elegant creations – the Cloud. The interactive installation is both a lamp and a speaker, joining light and sound into a true thunderstorm experience inside your home - without the rain.

25 Creative Packaging Designs That Make Their Products Irresistible

A good packaging design can serve as the best advertisement for the product it was created to hold. No wonder many advertisers and designers spend a great deal of time and effort to create eye-catching, meaningful, funny, and clever packaging designs. Here’s a collection of some of the most creative and inspiring packaging ideas that...

Innovative Candle Holder Makes Candle Last At Least Twice As Long

British artist and designer Benjamin Shine proved that real genius lies in simplicity. He came up with an elegant way to regenerate candles from the wax that would otherwise go to waste after they burn down.

Dad Illustrates The Craziest Things He’s Said To His Kids

Nathan Ripperger, an American designer, video producer and a father of four has found a creative way to use the weirdest things he caught himself saying to his children. The designer took the most random, out-of-the-context and therefore hilarious quotes and illustrated them with eye-catching pictures, resembling children's artwork.

12 Shoes Embody 12 Ex-Lovers Of Artist Sebastian Errazuriz

Chilean born and New York-based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz gave new meaning to his romantic and sexual relationships by creating 12 shoes that represent his 12 ex-lovers in a unique and slightly twisted way.

Chandelier Transforms a Room Into a Spooky Forest

When you turn it on, a white bunch of tangled roots and branches casts 360 degree shadows transforming your entire room look into a spooky forest.