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Posts tagged "drawings"

22-Year-Old Artist Creates Hyper-Realistic Pencil Drawings Bursting With Color

Pencils and crayons are usually considered tools only fit for children. This, however, doesn't apply to Morgan Davidson, who does fantastic realistic drawings using colored pencils.

New Impressively Detailed Doodles By Kerby Rosanes

Philippines-based artist Kerby Rosanes has created even more painstakingly massive compositions with thousands of tiny and funny details.

Illustrator Turns Strangers’ Photos Into Anime-Inspired Sketches

American doodler Robert DeJesus turns strangers’ photos into cute anime-inspired sketches. Now, check out what DeJesus has drawn so far!

Incredibly Detailed And Realistic Pencil Drawings By Dino Tomic

Dino Tomic is a young Croatian tattoo artist based in Norway who demonstrates his impressive talent with realistic drawings. Tomic explores a wide range of stylistics by drawing on sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and other fictional themes to fuel his work, but not without realistic animal and people as well.

Artist Draws Gorgeous Animals And Shows Us What She Made Them With

We assume that artist Karla Mialynne must have received many questions concerning the utensils that she uses for her beautiful hyper-realistic drawings. That’s probably why she now takes pictures of them surrounded by the things that she used to make them.

Creepy Monsters Drawn On Sticky Notes By John Kenn Mortensen

Danish artist John Kenn Mortensen (also known as Don Kenn) writes and directs television shows for kids, but during his free time he pays tribute to the darker, spookier side of childhood filled with monsters and ghosts.

Artist Inserts Funny Cartoons Into The Real World With Transparency Sheets

Marty Cooper is a great storyboard artist and even a greater scribbler, which he proves in these funny transparency sheet doodles. The transparent media helps him work on the spot and create expressive cartoon characters that can be transported into real-life situations in an instant. Some of the characters are creepy, some of them are...

Photographer Brings The Wildest Dreams Of Children With Health Conditions To Life

Canadian photographer Shawn Van Daele is a founder of “Drawing Hope” project, which brings the wildest dreams of children living with serious health conditions to life by using their drawings as a guide. The project isn't just for a few laughs and a good time - it also serves as a means for children and...

Beautifully Detailed Pen Doodles By Artist Kerby Rosanes

Philippines-based illustrator Kerby Rosanes calls his incredile artworks doodles, which laves us wondering what we're supposed to call the scribbles we make out of boredom. His incredibly intricate illustrations show worlds within worlds that are all wrapped up together in a grand composition, making his artwork just as beautiful from close up as it is...

Strikingly Detailed Steampunk Owl Illustration By Doodle Artist Kerby Rosanes

Philippines-based illustrator Kerby Rosanes uses traditional black pen to create marvelously intricate, whimsical and heavily patterned drawings. Rosanes’ artworks are made in a gorgeous mosaic principle, where thousands of separate details and characters join together in a massive composition, just like the cells in a living organism.

Illustrator Turns Other Commuters Into Cartoon Characters To Pass Time On The Train

U.K.-born writer and illustrator October Jones (real name Joe Butcher) takes advantage of the time he spends every day on the train impressively well. The author of “Texts From Dog: The Dog Delusion” takes any kinds of paper and draws funny cartoon faces for his fellow commuters.

Cute Animal Comics By Simpsons Animator Liz Climo

Liz Climo is an extraordinarily prolific artist – when she's not working to help animate The Simpsons, she's publishing her own cute animal comics on Tumblr. The cute animals in her comics like to make dry and witty observations or comments about everyday social interactions. Although you'd think that working with The Simpsons might heavily...