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Posts tagged "fantasy"

Artist Paints Fantastic Dragons Onto Agate Stones To Create Beautiful Necklaces

Multi-talented Russia-based artist Alvia Alcedo has been practicing the traditional fantasy style with her beautiful hand-painted agate necklaces and pendants. Alcedo uses oil paint to create miniature fantasy paintings of fantastic dragons on small agate stones (no bigger than 5.5 cm).

Delightful Surreal Photos By Robert Jahns Will Brush Your Sadness Away

Robert Jahns, aka nois7 on Instagram, creates stunning surreal photo manipulations full of bright colours and daring characterS ready to boost your spirit. Take a look at this compilation and see where his beautiful fantasies take you!

Incredibly Detailed Hyperphotos by Jean-François Rauzier

By combining hundreds or thousands of individual photographs, French photographer Jean-François Rauzier creates seemingly endless fantasy worlds that are 10,000 times the resolution of a normal photograph.