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Posts tagged "fruits"

Photographer Arranges Fruits And Veggies By Color Gradients To Please Even The Most Organized Soul

You might love your stuff arranged in neat patterns, but not as much as Brittany Wright, who runs the #foodgradients project on her Instagram.

Artist Turns Bananas Into Creative Works Of Art

Fruits are regularly featured as subjects of beginner painters, but they're not often used as canvas. "Not anymore!" shouts Netherlands-based artist Stephan Brusche as he holds a viking-ship-shaped banana up to the sky.

Clever Food Art by Sarah Illenberger

German art director Sarah Illenberger reinvents common fruits and vegetables by meticulously handcrafting them into something new.

Fruity Self-Portraits by 16-Year-Old Cristina Otero

While many photographers are in the race for the latest gear, 16-year-old Spanish photographer Cristina Otero uses a cheap Canon 1000D and 50mm f1.8 lens to create the most extraordinary self-portraits.