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22 Breathtaking Wildlife Pictures Of Beautiful Foxes

The fox is well-known for its overwhelming beauty, intelligence, and cunning. Red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) are known best by most of us as they are the most widely spread – their habitats include forests, grasslands, mountains, and deserts. Here are 22 pictures that will show you these creatures' glamorous beauty and natural charm.

Magical Paper-Cut Light Boxes by Hari & Deepti

Deepti Nair and Harikrishnan Panicker, who together are known as Hari & Deepti, have developed a unique style of paper art that inspires images of beautiful paintings or fairytales. They start by cutting out designs on stiff watercolor paper. Each layer builds upon the last, enriching the scene. Then, everything is put together into a...

Sun-Kissed Photos Of Kids And Dogs In The American Midwest by Jake Olson

Nebraskan professional photographer Jake Olson takes beautiful photographs of the Midwestern countryside that feature cute kids and animals bathed in sunlight. The rural countryside, along with the children's clothing, give the pictures an unmistakably Midwestern American feel to them. The dreamy sunset lighting makes them seem like paintings.

R.I.P. Chuppy: The Golden Retriever Eternalized In Beautiful Photography By Her Owner

For the past couple of years Jessica Trinh have created beautiful and heartwarming photography series in which the main subject was her golden retriever Chuppy. Unfortunately, on 1st March the dog died from auto immune system disease, leaving these gorgeous shots of him for his owner to remember the good old days they’ve spent together...

Glass Box On The Top Of Mont Blanc Opens Up A 3,396 ft Of Void Below One’s Feet

The highest mountain peak in Europe, Aigulle du Midi, has just become even scarier for those with the fear of heights. The peak was improved with a glass box that the visitors may walk on, having one kilometer of pure void below their feet. There is no need to say how exciting and ,well, hair-raising...

Moving Without Mom: Father And Daughter Remake Wedding Photoshoot In Tribute To Late Mother

In 2009 Ali and Ben Nunerys got married and had a wedding photoshoot in their new empty house. In 2011 Ali passed away from cancer and left her grieving husband and their little daughter Olivia. Now the father and the 3-year old daughter remade the wedding day photos in their once-again-empty house before moving out...

Husband In Pink Tutu Travels The World To Help Wife Fight Breast Cancer

When Bob and Linda Carey discovered that Linda had been diagnosed with breast cancer, Bob came up with a unique way to cope with the difficult news and help his wife heal - by bringing a smile to her face. Thus began the Tutu Project, in which Bob traveled the world to take pictures of...

Ghostly Calcified Birds Found At African Mineral Lake

These grim and spirit-like bird were found by photographer Nick Brandt on the shores of Lake Natron in Tanzania. They have been dried and calcified by the lake's waters, which are extraordinarily hot, alkaline, mineral-laden and deadly.

Photographer Matches Aerial Landscapes With Clothing

British photographer Joseph Ford, together with the help of art director Stephanie Buisseret and stylists Mario Faundez and Almut Vogel, has created an excellent photoseries melding selected clothing items with aerial landscape photos.

This Colorful Mosaic is Actually a Single Photo

What may look like a colorful photo mosaic made of four separate images is actually a single shot! Photographed by New York-based artist Bela Borsodi, this awesome illusions was made for the album “Terrain” by VLP.

Hungry Planet: What People Eat Around the World

Over 600 meals in countries from Chad to China reveal completely different stories: while some families don't go without 6 gallons of Coca-Cola a week, others got to hunt down a seal to feed their kids.

Hilarious Engagement Photos of Couple of N3rds

Comedians Casey Grim and Adam McLaughlin, better known as a Couple of N3rds, published hilarious engagement pictures, mocking the lovey-dovey style that is usually chosen for the occasion.