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The Photo Adventures Of A Dog And His Human Traveling Around USA

Illustrator John Stortz and his gorgeous dog Wolf travel around the most spectacular places in the USA and capture their bliss on photos. Wolf, whose full name is Wolfgang, is the main model in John’s photos - he seems to pose however the photographer wishes, as long as there are delicious cheese sticks on...

Spanish Street Artist Pejac Decorates European Cities With His Elegant Works

Pejac is a talented Spanish street artist whose works are widely recognized and appreciated all over Europe. The artist stands out for his light-hearted humor and poetic themes that make refined insights abut our world.

Husband Hires 23 Artists to Make His Wife A Birthday Present

Ernst Berlin commissioned 23 artists that he found on Reddit Gets Drawn to create their own interpretations of his family‘s photos. He decided to make this project as a birthday present for his wife Agnes and to celebrate the addition of a new member to their family - an 8-month-old baby.

Street Artist Replaces Potholes With Flower Mosaics In Chicago

Chicago's cold winters leave the city's streets riddled with potholes. Instead of whining about the issue, Jim Bachor has his own way of fighting it – by creating neat mosaics inside potholes.

Photographer Holds A Photoshoot With Her 16-Year-Old Dog Just In Time To Say Goodbye

For the past 16 years Chubby was photographer Maria Sharp's best friend. Unfortunately, the dog‘s health recently started to decline rapidly, so Sharp decided to dig up old photos of the two of them and organize one last photoshoot, documenting their beautiful friendship before Chubby passed away.

23 Actors Who Nailed Their Biographical Roles

Most actors are chosen for biographical roles because of their close resemblance to the historical figure that's being portrayed, but there's so much more to these pictures than that. From the casting director to the makeup team, many people work together to create biopic roles that are as true-to-life as can be.

Mysterious Old Bridges That Have Stood The Test Of Time

With this list of the most magical bridges around the world, we invite you to embrace your sweetest fantasies and, with an open heart and eye, travel to a world far away.

Geometric Art By Georges Rousse Is Only Visible From One Angle

With his mind-bending perspective art, renowned artist Georges Rousse has proved that he is both an artist and a magician. His amazing paintings create order out of what, from any angle but the right one, seems like total chaos.

The 2014 iPhone Photography Awards Prove That The Camera Does Not Make The Photographer

Started back in 2007, the iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS) became the first and one of the biggest niches for smartphone photographers to get recognition and appreciation for their work. This year's winners have been announced, so here's handful of their most amazing shots. Get inspired!

37 Photographic Proofs That Iceland Is A Miracle Of Nature

Iceland might be a small and remote nation, but it also happens to be one of the most picturesque as well. If you’re not yet convinced that Iceland must be your next destination, here are 37 photographs with astonishing Icelandic scenes to prove that it should be!

Mother Sews Teddy Bears From Fallen Soldiers’ Uniforms For The Families They Left Behind

After losing her son Matthew Freeman to the war in Afghanistan, Lisa Freeman started creating teddy bears out of the uniforms of fallen soldiers to help other families cope with their tragedies. The proud mother founded the Matthew Bears, named after her departed son, and has been sewing the free-of-charge teddy bears for the families...

42 Of The Most Powerful Social And Environmental Ads That Will Change The Way You Think

No matter how tired and irritated we might be about the overwhelming flow of advertisements around us, social ads still manage to catch our attention and shock us pretty easily. It’s no wonder, as issues of public interest, like our health, the environment, and human and animal rights, always strike a chord in our hearts...