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37 Photographic Proofs That Iceland Is A Miracle Of Nature

Iceland might be a small and remote nation, but it also happens to be one of the most picturesque as well. If you’re not yet convinced that Iceland must be your next destination, here are 37 photographs with astonishing Icelandic scenes to prove that it should be!

Mother Sews Teddy Bears From Fallen Soldiers’ Uniforms For The Families They Left Behind

After losing her son Matthew Freeman to the war in Afghanistan, Lisa Freeman started creating teddy bears out of the uniforms of fallen soldiers to help other families cope with their tragedies. The proud mother founded the Matthew Bears, named after her departed son, and has been sewing the free-of-charge teddy bears for the families...

42 Of The Most Powerful Social And Environmental Ads That Will Change The Way You Think

No matter how tired and irritated we might be about the overwhelming flow of advertisements around us, social ads still manage to catch our attention and shock us pretty easily. It’s no wonder, as issues of public interest, like our health, the environment, and human and animal rights, always strike a chord in our hearts...

Artist Creates Lovely Surreal Photos Of Shelter Dogs To Help Them Find Homes

Kind-hearted Hungarian photographer Sarolta Ban thought of a unique idea to help find new owners for homeless dogs. She created a project called "Helping Dogs with Images" where people can submit photos of shelter animals that she then creates surreal photo portraits for. The artist believes that a good picture can help them gain more...

Your Favorite Childhood Cartoon Characters Turned Into Psycho Killers

LA-based digital concept artist Dan LuVisi has unleashed a torrent of horrific, obscene and dreadful childhood nightmares in his striking series of “Popped Culture” illustrations. Here, our most beloved cartoon characters become brutal psychopaths, serial killers, cold-blooded monsters and masterminds of pure evil.

Artist Shows How Disney Princesses Would Look As Different Ethnicities

Visual experiments with Disney characters have become quite a popular way to explore alternative fictional realities and to make social statements. The author of the Let There be Doodles Tumblr, for example, reimagined how the most iconic and beloved Disney princesses would look if they had different ethnicities.

Delicate Lights Made Of Real Dandelions By Takao Inoue

Dandelions, the flowers of fields and river banks, are a symbol of spring and a poetic glimpse of one‘s childhood. Their fluffy frailty also caught the attention of cinematographer Takao Inoue, who used real dandelions to design a set of elegant lights called OLED Tampopo.

21 DIY Lamps And Chandeliers Made Of Everyday Objects

The DIY movement and the recycling movements have long been closely related – creating your own new stuff out of the remains of your old stuff is a great way to reuse materials that would otherwise enter landfills and save you money. Although not ALL of these ideas are recycling related, these DIY lamp and...

22 Of The Most Magical Bedroom Interiors For Kids

Childhood is a precious time when everything seems possible, everything is interesting and every experience, stimulus, person, and toy is a building block in their developing personalities. No wonder, then, that many parents spend a great deal of effort and time to make the childhood of their kids as memorable, vivid, and happy as...

Artist Transforms Trash Into Mobile Homes For Homeless

After realizing that all his expensive sculptures do is sit in rich people’s houses all day, California-based sculptor Gregory Kloehn decided that he should create work that was more useful and meaningful. This is how the idea was born to build creative custom-made shelter houses for those in need.

19 Creative Remakes Of Classical Paintings

Following the tradition of famous classical artists can be important, but reinterpreting their work in the modern era can also yield great results. Here’s a selection of 19 of the best remakes created without using Photoshop or any other post-production retouching (except for Tadas Černiauskas' remake of van Gogh’s “Self Portrait 1889″).

Father Creates Wacky Photo Manipulation With His Three Daughters

John Wilhelm, a 44-year-old IT Director at a Swiss university and a father of three, creates imaginative, surreal and amusing photo manipulations with his family. Although he works with a diverse array of subjects, it seems that his three little daughters – Lou (5 years), Mila (2 years), and Yuna (6 months) – and their...