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1970s Harlem Comes Alive In Vibrant Vintage Photos By Jack Garofalo

Vintage photography is sort of like a time machine. So let’s take a to July, 1970 when Jack Garofalo roamed Harlem.

2,300-Flower Garden Detects Visitors And Lifts Flowers When A Person Walks Through It

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are an old world wonder. But the Floating Flower Garden by the Japanese art collective teamLab is definitely a modern wonder.

Wire Sculptures Beautifully Capture The Curves Of The Human Body

We've all seen wireframe creations of variable sophistication. Richard Stainthorp makes some of the more intricate wire sculptures, and strikingly lifelike ones at that.

Love Is Colorful: Ad Campaign Shows That Love Comes In All Shapes, Colors And Sizes

Would love your significant others if they were green? ‘Love is Colourful’, an ad campaign by Zim Colored Powder, says 'yes!'

Bring The Ocean To Your Hair With Realistic Octopus Fascinators

Do you want to be the talk of your steampunk party? How about trying out one of Kirstie ‘deeed’ Williams’ Octopus fascinators?

Redesigned Buses Look Like Coffee Shops On Wheels

Another one rides the bus. And buses by Leap Transit are special: instead of mass transit, they‘re aiming for comfort.

Learn Anatomy From Knitted Creatures Without Harming Anything

Not everyone gets to do frog dissection in school, and thank God for that. However, Emily Stoneking makes aKNITomy, adorable knitted animal dissections.

Las Muertas: Photographer Creates Colourful Tribute To Day Of The Dead

The Dia De Los Muertos (Day of The Dead) is somewhat colourful for such a sombre day. Photographer Tim Tadder wanted to work with that made the Las Muertas series.

Water-Activated Street Art In Seattle To Make Everyone Smile On A Rainy Day

Everyone likes the smell after rain. And Seattle artist Peregrine Church has made Rainworks, a project that will make you love wet sidewalks.

Farmer And His Son From China Build Transformers Out Of Scrap Metal And Car Parts, Make $160K A Year

Some people construct small boxy robots that fight for the pleasure of TV audience. But a Chinese farmer and his son are building giant Transfomer sculptures.

Sculptor Uses Her Background In Science To Create Otherworldly Animals Sculptures

The most usual way to merge animals and plants is to make a hamburger. But Ontario-born Ellen Jewett makes sculpture that shows the fusion between flora and fauna.

Mountains Of Water: Majestic Beauty Of Waves Captured By Ray Collins

Most of us have witnessed waves crash on the surf. But Ray Collins is really interested in the wave before and during the crash – and that‘s how we get pictures of wave looking like mountain peaks.