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Posts tagged "Hyper Realistic"

Hyper-Realistic 3D Paintings Made With Acrylics In Layers Of Resin By Keng Lye

Singapore-based artist Keng Lye paints layers upon layers of acrylic paint onto transparent resin to create 3D paintings of vividly-colored fish and other sea creatures. The principle is quite similar to the 3D printing process, except that it uses meticulous and talented fingers and a paint brush instead of machine to create something that is...

These Self-Portraits Are Not What They Look Like

Note: For the best effect, look at the images before reading the description. Highly-talented  Spanish artist Eloy Morales has done a wonderful job of tricking our visual perception. The artist created a series of strikingly realistic self-portraits that at first look as if the artist simply covered his face with multicoloured paint and took photographs...

You Won’t Believe These Rocks Are Pencil and Crayon Drawings

What looks like a gorgeous seashore of colored rocks in the water, are actually skillfully-made pencil drawings by Ester Roi!

40 Hyper Realistic Artworks You Won’t Believe Are Not Photographs

Since the earliest known cave drawings people tried to replicate the things they saw, but only the best artist could come close to replicating the real world. Even the invention of photography in the nineteenth century didn't stop the artists, on the contrary...

New Hyper Realistic Sculptures by Ron Mueck

Australian hyperrealist Ron Mueck, currently based in London, continues creating gigantic human sculptures and is now back with three new ones that will be on exposition in Paris at the Fondation Cartier through September 29.

Hyper Realistic Sculptures That Are Actually Made Out Of Wood

It sounds unbelievable, but all these sculptures by American artist Tom Eckert are actually carved out of wood!

Hyper-Realistic 3D Paintings of Sea Animals by Keng Lye

What looks like live fish and octopus in soup bowls, are actually photorealistic paintings by Singapore-based artist Keng Lye.

Hyper-Realistic Portrait of Redhead Girl Drawn with Bic Pens

No, it’s not a photograph. This hyper-realistic portrait was actually drawn with ballpoint pens by 29-year-old Portugal-based attorney Samuel Silva. What's amazing is that drawing is just his hobby.

Incredibly Realistic 3D Goldfish Paintings by Riusuke Fukahori

A Japanese artist named Riusuke Fukahori is painting incredibly realistic three-dimensional goldfish using acrylic paint layered over clear resin. Just like 3D printer[1], the artists paints the fish layer by layer, with the sandwiched slices revealing slight more about each creature.

Hyper Realistic Paintings That Look Like Photographs

We’ve already showed you some unbelievably Photorealistic Pictures Drawn With a BIC Pen but it’s nothing compared to what you are about to see. This time, let’s take a look at the works of some of the world’s greatest photorealism artists – Roberto Bernardi, Steve Mills and Erich Christensen.

Photorealistic Pictures Drawn With a BIC Pen

At first sight they may look like some pretty sharp blue photographs, however all those pictures are actually hand drawn with a simple Bic ballpoint pen! His source of inspiration comes from his own photographs of nights out with his friends,so you can only imagine how wild his parties are, as half of his drawings...

Hyper Realistic Sculptures by Ron Mueck

While most of the artists glamorize, and show our world to be better than it actually is, Ron Mueck finds art in our ordinary lives and our simple bodies. He creates hyper realistic sculptures portraying humans at key stages in the life cycle, from birth through middle age, to death.