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Posts tagged "miniatures"

Artist Transforms Vintage Ring Boxes Into Tiny Detailed Dioramas

Dioramas are great, especially the grand military museum kind. However, a Trinidad-Canadian artist Talwst has gone the opposite direction and is making miniature dioramas inside vintage ring boxes.

Japanese Artist Creates Incredibly Realistic Miniature Gotham Street – And More!

Satoshi Araki and his extraordinary miniature dioramas make the rounds on the internet very few months. His latest and greatest creation showcases the latest Batmobile in its natural environment: a foggy, seedy, thrash-strewn street corner.

Big City Junk And Trash In Tiny Dioramas By Satoshi Araki

Tokyo-based artist Satoshi Araki's miniature dioramas concentrate on various aspects of life in a city, but he specializes in emphasizing the dirty chaos of city life, even when it descends into violence or warfare.

Japanese Artist Creates One Playful Diorama Each Day For 4 Years

Tanaka Tatsuya, from Japan, is a diorama artist who has challenged his imagination every day for the past 4 years by creating surprising miniatures with his own signature style.

Little Boxes Turned Into Dark Laboratories And Libraries By Marc Giai-Miniet

French artist Marc Giai-Miniet's works may look like doll houses at first, but they'll give you the chills. He creates miniature boxes with gloomy old-school sci-fi laboratories, attics, libraries, storage and interrogation cells, and houses full of dusty, rusty rooms.

These Delicious-Looking Meals Are Actually Tiny Clay Sculptures

Veggies, fruits, sweets, main courses – all of these dishes have been rendered in super-small and super-delicious detail by a U.S.-based artist named Kim. No matter how tasty and realistic they look, however, they are all made of clay. Kim uses polymer clay, needles, colored chalk pastels, rocks and razor blades to create these one-inch-scale...

Miniature Superheroes Brought To Life Through Absurd Scenarios

Tumblr blogger VSE OK introduces us to miniature superheroes in absurd scenarios that accurately reveal their lifestyles and the kinds of relationships they would have with regular people like us.

Meticulous Sculptures Made from Mundane Objects by Takahiro Iwasaki

A visual artist from Japan Takahiro Iwasaki creates the Out of Disorder series of meticulous sculptures, built from such mundane objects that you'd hardly consider a possible art medium. He scrupulously carves topographical maps on thick grey or blue electric tape rolls and builds miniature constructions from such absurdly common objects as toothbrush bristles.

3D Photo Booth Prints Personal Miniature Figures

Today you don't have to be a Batman to have an action figure of yourself created: the Eye of Gyre gallery in Japan offers you to use a 3D photo booth, which instead of photographs will print out a miniature action figure of you.