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Posts tagged "nature"

Every Spring This Forest In Belgium Becomes A Blue Wonderland

There’s a mystical forest in Belgium, not far from Brussels, that will take your breath away if you visit it in April or May. Every spring, Hallebros, or Bois de Hal (Halle Forest in Dutch), a beautiful 552 ha forest, is carpeted with a thick layer of bluebell flowers.

Father Of Two Captures Heartwarming Childhood Moments In Polish Village

Sebastian Łuczywo is a brilliant Polish photographer who loves capturing the dearest moments in the lives of his beautiful family in their rural village in Poland. The photographs are mostly black and white, which gives them even more depth and lets the viewer focus on their emotion.

17 Flowers Masterfully Disguised As Something Else

This is a compilation of 17 orchids and other flowers that, due to their extraordinary shapes and colors and our complex perception mechanisms, look very much like something else.

Birds’ Positions On Electric Wires Turned Into Enchanting Music

One morning, Brazilian filmmaker and composer Jarbas Agnelli was inspired to create music in an unexpected way. “Reading a newspaper, I saw a picture of birds on the electric wires,” recalled Agnelli. “I cut out the photo and decided to make a song, using the exact location of the birds as notes (no Photoshop edit).”...

Magical Long-Exposure Firefly Pictures By Vincent Brady

Photographer Vincent Brady used time-lapse photography to reveal the beautiful luminous festivities of fireflies streaking through the darkness of the night. In these astonishing pictures, not only do we see these fireflies' bright lights, we also see their movement trails, which make them look like dancing cosmic flower petals.

22 Breathtaking Wildlife Pictures Of Beautiful Foxes

The fox is well-known for its overwhelming beauty, intelligence, and cunning. Red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) are known best by most of us as they are the most widely spread – their habitats include forests, grasslands, mountains, and deserts. Here are 22 pictures that will show you these creatures' glamorous beauty and natural charm.

19 Gorgeous Photographs Of Wild Animals During Winter Time

This compilation of miraculous photographs will show you various wild and domestic animals coping with the cold winter. Together with their beautiful surroundings, these animal unveil winter's harsh, still and vital poetry.

Winners From The 2013 Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Awards

The 2013 "Wildlife Photographer of the Year" competition came to an end just last week, revealing its winners and their prize-winning photographs. Check out some of our favorites from this year's competition, including the overall winner - South African photographer Greg du Toit's "Essence of Elephants."

20 Unbelievable Animal Camouflage Examples

Animals are masters of disguise, so if you are a beginner wildlife photographer, you may be missing a lot of creatures around you. Here are 20 amazing animal camouflage examples - test your eyes before you go outside!

Frighteningly Beautiful Australian Peacock Spider

Not a lot of us would choose spiders as an object of admiration, but the tiny Peacock Spider, found in Australia by Jurgen Otto, is exceptionally photogenic fellow!

35 Breathtaking Examples of Patterns in Nature

Nature is the best artist and a limitless source of inspiration. Unfortunately, not everyone can see that. This is why we want to show you these 35 wonderful nature's patterns.

Ivy – Bicycle Cable Lock Inspired by Nature

Why does our bicycle need to be connected to light poles by chains like a criminal in prison? Inspired by nature, the design of this cable wire lock is a mimicry of ivy. However, I'm afraid someone would steal your cable lock instead!