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Posts tagged "nature"

Fashion Inspired By Nature: Russian Artist Compares Famous Dresses And Landscapes

Nature usually puts great effort into ruining spectacular dresses. But this Russian artist is putting them side by side in her series 'Fashion & Nature'.

Ukrainian Artist Transforms Nature Patterns Into Sound Waves

Sound waves are probably the most restrained visualization of sound you'll see on a computer, but Anna Marinenko sees a certain similarity between these waves and reflections of landscape on water.

Cheap Gear, Amazing Photos: Photographer Uses Her Old Canon To Take Amazing Landscape Shots

While photography is largely dependent on talent, a good camera also helps. For Meagan V. Blazier, a point-and-shoot is enough.

25 Powerful Pieces Of Street Art That Tell The Painful Truth

The world is not in a good shape, and these street artist are here to say it. Using the urban walls as their canvas, ROA, Blu, Banksy and many others are reaching out to the masses.

The Majestic Power Of Ocean Waves Captured by Warren Keelan

Waves! The majestic mountains of water attract many an artist, and photographers are no strangers them, either. Here we see Warren Keelan doing his best to capture the ephemeral beauty of these crashing crests.

Sculptor Uses Her Background In Science To Create Otherworldly Animals Sculptures

The most usual way to merge animals and plants is to make a hamburger. But Ontario-born Ellen Jewett makes sculpture that shows the fusion between flora and fauna.

Photographer Wakes Up At 5AM To Hike The Transylvanian Mountains And Capture Stunning Ladscapes

Transylvania gets a bad rep, what with being the land of Vlad Dracula himself, and #1 destination for vampires. But Alex Robciuc still gets up at 5 AM to hike Transylvanian mountains and take amazing pictures of the scenic surroundings.

Russian Photographer Captures Adorable Photos Of Animals And Kids Playing In Snow

Babies, animals, snow - a recipe for disaster, am I right? Apparently, no, because Russian photographer Elena Karneeva has done some kickass photo sessions that netted her editor's choice on 500px.

Artist Spends 7 Years Turning Forests Into Art

Forests are spooky enough as it is: wolves, spiders, Eastern European grannies collecting mysterious plants. But Ellie Davies still spent 7 years in forests of the UK slightly altering them to give a more fairy tale feel.

This Ukrainian Artist Can Glimpse At Magic Through Her Camera Lens

Ukrainian photographer Anita Anti combines women and animals to recreate scenes from fairytales. The effect is magical!

The Mysterious Life of Bugs and Snails By Vadim Trunov

Look at all these teeny tiny creepy-crawlies milling around in their magical kingdom! Vadim Trunov, a photographer based in the Russian city of Voronezh, seems to have a fascination with these littlest of creatures.

26 Green Ideas That Bring Nature Into Your Home

When there’s no time to leave the city, you can have refreshing bits of nature inhabit your home instead. Take a look at 26 chlorophyll-infused ideas for how to fill your home with green oases.