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Posts tagged "optical illusions"

25 Of The Most Amazing Perfectly Timed Snapshots

If photography is about capturing a moment, then these photographs represent the very best of this aspect of photography. Each image captures a once-in-a-lifetime combination of time and space that makes for illusive, confusing and funny images.

This Parrot Is Not What It Looks Like – It’s Actually A Human Being

This parrot optical illusion, created by fine art body painter Johannes Stoetter, is simply flawless! The artist is well known for his impressive body art, which tricks the viewers’ minds into believing that what you see is what you get.

Solid Ceramic Sculptures Create The Amazing Illusion That They Are Inflatable Toys

Sculptor Brett Kern is a master of illusion. Only instead of using bunnies and black top hats, he makes inflatable toys out of ceramics. It's not really a trick - he's just a great sculptor who knows his working material well enough to be able to revive the beloved inflatable toys from his childhood. The...

More 3D Pencil Drawings by Ramon Bruin

Ramon Bruin, the talented self-taught artist from the Netherlands, is back with more amazing anamorphic pencil drawings. These drawings seem 3D and life-like from one perspective, but look like nonsensical blobs from another.

Artist Uses Forced Perspective To Make Miniature Car Models Look Like Real Cars

Incredible miniature model artist Michael Paul Smith has created a wonderful series of photographs illustrating the cars in a 1950s American town of his own imagination called Elgin Park. The artist uses clever forced perspective tricks to place the vehicles he creates into real-world life-sized settings.

Incredible Body Art Illusions by Johannes Stoetter

No, this is not a frog in the first picture! If you look more closely, you'll see that there are actually five live and breathing models. Meet Johannes Stotter, an internationally acknowledged body painter who can turn his models into vegetables, fruits, animals and similar objects.

3D Pencil Drawings That Leap Out Of Page

Italian illustrator Alessandro Diddi draws stunning anamorphic 3D pieces that make you question your own eyes. His meticulously detailed pencil drawings are combined with small props, sometimes the very pencil he draws with, or his own fingers, and that way his creations aren't even limited by the lines of the paper sheets.

Everyday Objects Made Unusable by Giuseppe Colarusso

Switzerland-born artist Giuseppe Colarusso takes ordinary items and turns them into something nonexistent and completely useless - which at the same time looks really eye-catching and puzzling as a piece of art.

This Colorful Mosaic is Actually a Single Photo

What may look like a colorful photo mosaic made of four separate images is actually a single shot! Photographed by New York-based artist Bela Borsodi, this awesome illusions was made for the album “Terrain” by VLP.

New 3D Pencil Drawings By Ramon Bruin

Remember Dutch freelance artist Ramon Bruin and his stunning 3D pencil drawings? The 31-year-old mostly self-taught artist kept improving his skills, and has recently presented some new works!

Surreal Black & White Photography by Chema Madoz

Avoiding unnecessary details in his pictures, Spanish photographer Chema Madoz works around the idea that things are not what they might seem ta first.

Freaky Lip Art by Sandra Holmbom

There should be quite a bunch of horror movie makers who'd want to hire 26-year-old Sandra Holmbom from Sweden. Her latest project is a bizarre third eye that leaves you confused and unsure whether it’s an eye or lips you’re looking at.