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Artist With Synesthesia Can See Music As Colorful Paintings

Synesthesia actually lets you paint with the colors of the wind, if it’s loud enough. This rare neurological phenomenon also enables Melissa McCracken to paint music.

Blind Painter Uses Touch And Texture To Paint Better Than You

As evidenced by the internet, many people can‘t draw, but still try. John Bramblitt, however, only took up painting after he became blind 13 years ago.

The Protectors Of Iceland: Fantasy Creatures Inspired by Icelandic Myths

Norse sagas and metal music go together like cheese and pizza. Asgeir Jon Asgeirsson’s paintings, done as metal album illustrations for Icelandic metal band Skálmöld's “Með Vættum,” are perfect proof.

Body Painter Turns Humans Into Animals

Florida-based artist Shannon Holt is a master of disguising human body under her unique body art paintings. In her series “Florida Wildlife Series,” her models became canvases for colorful animal portraits that took Holt from 6 to 12 hours to paint each.

Spanish Artist Shows How Classical Paintings Would Look Without Characters In Them

Spanish artist José Manuel Ballester has created a rather poetic exploration of the role that people play in classical paintings - by removing them.

5-Year-Old Girl With Autism Creates Stunning Paintings

Autism can cripple an individual's ability to socially interact and express themselves in ways that most of us can understand. However, this poorly-understood neurological disorder can also bestow extraordinary talents. Take, for example, 5-year-old Iris Grace, who creates beautifully expressive paintings in spite of – and perhaps because of – her autism.

Artist Fingerpaints Surreal Pictures On His iPad

Spanish artist Jaime Sanjuan Ocabo uses his iPad to create these beautiful finger paintings. It is quite difficultto believe that these highly realistic paintings are made using only an iPad.

Mother Turns Her 2-Year-Old’s Scribbles Into Watercolours

Canada-based artist Ruth Oosterman creates expressive and highly imaginative paintings in collaboration with her 2-year old daughter Eve. The artist lets her child draw sketches independently with an ink pen first and then works from there on her own, mostly using watercolours – probably the most handy media to express the child‘s raw imagination.

Guy Uses Ice-Cream Instead Of Watercolours For His Expressive Paintings

Painting with salt, coffee, and other kinds of food is interesting to see or even try out yourself. Othman Toma is yet another artist whose little painting of a tiger made entirely (as far as it looks like) from chocolate ice-cream.

The Devastation Of Alzheimer’s Portrayed In 5 Years Of Self-Portraits By Suffering Artist

In 1995, at the age of 61, UK-based painter William Utermohlen was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The artist's artist’s self-portraits grimly illustrates the merciless progression of the disease, which he had been exploring through visual self-reflection with paint and brushes during the last 5 years of his artistically active life.

Geometric Art By Georges Rousse Is Only Visible From One Angle

With his mind-bending perspective art, renowned artist Georges Rousse has proved that he is both an artist and a magician. His amazing paintings create order out of what, from any angle but the right one, seems like total chaos.

Artist Adds Star Wars, Monty Python, And Other Pop-Culture Characters To Thrift-Store Paintings

David Irvine, the multi-talented artist behind the Gnarled Branch, collects thrift-store paintings and enhances them by adding pop culture characters to them. He marvelously maintains the original artists' styles while incorporating movie, book, and comic characters.