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Posts tagged "painting"

Stunning “Night Owl” Illustration Created With Expressive Splatters Of Paint

Chinese illustrator, painter and street artist Chen Yingjie (better known as Hua Tunan) is a young leading force in contemporary Chinese art. His newest artwork, called “Night Owl,” is a beautiful example of his impressive trademark – a figure created by expressive and firm splatters of paint.

Artist Decorates Babies’ Head-Shaping Helmets With Cute Paintings

Babies with helmets are not an everyday sight, and much less so when those helmets are painted with cute or beautiful designs. But that's exactly what artist Paula Strawn does – she paints cute designs onto helmets used to correct plagioencephaly. Plagioencephaly, or flat-head syndrome, is a condition in which the back of babies' head...

These Self-Portraits Are Not What They Look Like

Note: For the best effect, look at the images before reading the description. Highly-talented  Spanish artist Eloy Morales has done a wonderful job of tricking our visual perception. The artist created a series of strikingly realistic self-portraits that at first look as if the artist simply covered his face with multicoloured paint and took photographs...

Melting Porcelain Art By Livia Marin

Chilean born and London based artist Livia Marin presents traditional ceramic objects in an unusual way – her cups, kettles and vases are melting into puddles of patterned porcelain. The series titled Nomad Patterns demonstrates traditional Chinese landscape decorations and motifs like willows, birds and pagodas elaborately painted on running crockery.

Powerful Street Art by ROA Raises Awareness Of Environmental Issues

Belgian street artist ROA creates heartbreaking images to illustrate the devastating results of animal hunting, pollution and other environmentally destructive human actions. This graffiti missionary manages to strike the world with his bone-chilling monochrome wall-paintings scattered all around the globe.

Artist Uses 285,000 Finger Strokes And Spends Over 200 Hours To Create Hyperrealistc Portrait Of Morgan Freeman

This picture of famous actor isn't a photo (although it is based on one) - it's a finger-drawn portrait done on an iPad. Using the Procreate app on an iPad Air, talented UK-based illustrator and oil painter Kyle Lambert spent over 200 hours and made over 285,000 brushstrokes to create this hyperrealistic portrait. Lambert has...

Artist Puts 21st-Century Gadgets Into Famous Masterpiece Paintings

Korean Illustrator Kim Dong-Kyu has created a clever and comical series of images on his “Art X Smart” Tumblr that re-imagines old famous masterpieces for the 21st century by introducing modern smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Incredibly Detailed Close-Ups of Van Gogh’s Paintings from Google Art Project

Art lovers all around the world will really appreciate the latest art project by Google, which gives you a chance to see some of the world's most famos works in the "gigapixel" format. Here's a selection of some of the works by Van Gogh, zoomed in for you to observe every stroke from up close!...

Incredible Body Art Illusions by Johannes Stoetter

No, this is not a frog in the first picture! If you look more closely, you'll see that there are actually five live and breathing models. Meet Johannes Stotter, an internationally acknowledged body painter who can turn his models into vegetables, fruits, animals and similar objects.

40 Hyper Realistic Artworks You Won’t Believe Are Not Photographs

Since the earliest known cave drawings people tried to replicate the things they saw, but only the best artist could come close to replicating the real world. Even the invention of photography in the nineteenth century didn't stop the artists, on the contrary...

Watercolor Cityscape Drawings by Elena Romanova

Elena, currently living between London and Barcelona, manages to create order out of splashes of dripping watercolors, and makes it easy to recognize such world-wide known monuments as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Statue of Liberty in New York, or the Coliseum in Rome.

Hyper-Realistic 3D Paintings of Sea Animals by Keng Lye

What looks like live fish and octopus in soup bowls, are actually photorealistic paintings by Singapore-based artist Keng Lye.