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Posts tagged "patterns"

Artist Covers City Streets Of Poland In Intricate Lace Patterns

Warsaw-based artist NeSpoon creates traditional ornate lace patterns to decorate various corners of the cities. What's even more interesting, is that she embraces many different forms of visual arts to create the laces, considering the specifics of particular sites that the artworks are destined to be places at.

Intricate Sand Paintings By Joe Mangrum

Since 2006, American artist Joe Mangrum has been packing bags of coloureds sand and decorating NYC pavement with his striking sand paintings. Most of his paintings are quite psychedelic and look like large mandalas, uniting spontaneous creation and deep meditation.

Gorgeous Urban Patterns by Nick Frank

Munich-based photographer Nich Frank, also known as ISO 72, captures beautiful geometric patterns around the city, which captivate with their colors when taken out of the context, or left with a minimal hint of the settings around them.

35 Breathtaking Examples of Patterns in Nature

Nature is the best artist and a limitless source of inspiration. Unfortunately, not everyone can see that. This is why we want to show you these 35 wonderful nature's patterns.

Incredible Salt Art by Motoi Yamamoto

In tribute to his little sister who died from the brain cancer, Japanese artist Yamamoto Motoi spends hundreds of hours carefully pouring table salt on the gallery floor to create incredible patterns.

Mesmerizing Gourd Lamps by Calabarte

Polish artist Przemek, also known as Calabarte, sculpts beautiful patterns on African gourds which later become heads of his extraordinary lamps. When you switch on one of his lamps, the light coming trough the cracks of the gourd turns a room into a dreamlike space.