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Posts tagged "photo manipulation"

Photographer Brings The Wildest Dreams Of Children With Health Conditions To Life

Canadian photographer Shawn Van Daele is a founder of “Drawing Hope” project, which brings the wildest dreams of children living with serious health conditions to life by using their drawings as a guide. The project isn't just for a few laughs and a good time - it also serves as a means for children and...

Photographer Creates Surreal Images To Promote Shelter Animals And Find Them New Homes

Hungary-based artist Sarolta Bán uses her marvellous digital photo manipulation skills to promote shelter animals in need of new homes. In her “Help Dogs with Images” project, Bán introduces a different approach to these kind of campaigns - instead of showing them as victims, she turns them into interesting, admirable characters in a peculiar world...

Surreal Photo Manipulation By Photographer Dariusz Klimczak

Polish photographer Dariusz Klimczak composes dreamlike landscapes that hypnotize with their surprise and weirdness. The photographer's digital photo manipulations open the door to his imaginative world, where a desolate desert is brought to life by quirky and playful characters.

Everyday Objects Turned Into Delightful Alternative Reality By Illustrator Tineke Meirink

In her series "Stop Watch" Dutch artist Tineke Meirink shows us that “it’s just more fun to take a closer look.” The artist takes photos of everyday objects found on the streets that are mostly dull or even invisible to a regular person, but not to her. On the contrary, she recognizes the beautiful potential...

Photographer Rips and Reshapes Pictures Using Own “Gellage” Technique

Czech photographer Michal Macku creates gripping and beautiful pictures using the unique "gellage" technique - his signature modus operandi since 1989.

Louvre’s Sculptures Dressed As Hipsters

We already wrote about the classical sculptures dressed in modern day outfits last year, however photographer Léo Caillard and art director Alexis Persani made some more! The creative duo once again prove that nothing is truly set in stone!

What People From Classic Paintings Would Look Like in Real Life

Creating her 'Real Life Models' series, 19-year-old artist cleverly used her photo manipulation skills to bring some pretty exaggerated and distorted features to life. As a result, you get some pretty funny speculations of what the people from Picasso, Amedeo Modigliani, Rudolf Hausner and Kees van Dongen's paintings would look like.

Surreal Photo Manipulations by Thomas Barbéy

If you're a fan of optical illusions and photo manipulation then you'll love these surreal pictures by Thomas Barbey. Currently based in LA, Thomas creates his collages by sandwiching the negatives together and then photographing them from above. Sometimes, however, he retouches and applies some airbrushing beforehand.

I’m Not There: Invisible Man’s Shadows by Pol Úbeda Hervàs

"I'm Not There" series idea came to Barcelona-based Pol Úbeda Hervàs after some life changing experiences that left the artist unsure of who he was. Therefore, he only gives a hint of a living person behind a faceless shadow.

Breathtaking Parallel Worlds by Karezoid Michal Karcz

Art is undoubtedly one of the best ways to take journeys to the places of your fantasy and dreams, and this is exactly what creating photo manipulations is to Michal Karcz.

20 New Surreal Photo Manipulations by Sarolta Ban

We first introduced you to self-taught photo manipulation master Sarolta Ban (see here) 2 years ago. During this time young Hungarian artist kept progressing and created a whole bunch of new surreal photo manipulations.