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Posts tagged "photo manipulations"

Creepy Portraits Of Infamous World Leaders Cuddling With Stuffed Animals

Chinese retouching artist Chunlong Sun has created a bizarre portrait series called “Celebrity,” which shows 5 of the most infamous world leaders from recent history gently holding stuffed animals in their arms. In the portraits, which were made using almost-look-alike Chinese stand-ins, the leaders look at once friendlier and creepier than ever before.

Incredible Self Portraits by 14-Year-Old Photographer

Better known by the nickname of 'fiddle oak', 14-year-old photographer Zev presents a highly imaginative portfolio of surreal self-portraits, which he created together with his sister Nellie.

Surreal Black & White Photography by Chema Madoz

Avoiding unnecessary details in his pictures, Spanish photographer Chema Madoz works around the idea that things are not what they might seem ta first.

18 Surreal Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson

A portfolio by Erik Johansson, photographer and retoucher from Sweden, must be one of the strongest contemporary examples of fine retouching. Erik creates incredible fantasy worlds that are at the same time wildly surreal, yet so masterfully done that you almost start believing them.

What Would It Look Like If The Moon Was Replaced By Other Planets?

Minnesota-based writer and artist Ron Miller invites you to imagine what the night sky would look like if the Moon was replaced with any other planet from the Solar system.

Surreal Photo Manipulations by Thomas Barbéy

If you're a fan of optical illusions and photo manipulation then you'll love these surreal pictures by Thomas Barbey. Currently based in LA, Thomas creates his collages by sandwiching the negatives together and then photographing them from above. Sometimes, however, he retouches and applies some airbrushing beforehand.

Clever Food Art by Sarah Illenberger

German art director Sarah Illenberger reinvents common fruits and vegetables by meticulously handcrafting them into something new.

Delicate Burnt Matchtick Art by Stanislav Aristov

They say, the devil is in the details - quite often, so is art. Russian photographer Stanislav Aristov noticed something as discarded as a burnt matchstick, and created minimalistic yet enchanting photo' series of them burnt and bent into beautiful shapes. Tiny fires around the matchsticks also form part of the images, and some Photoshopping...

20 New Surreal Photo Manipulations by Sarolta Ban

We first introduced you to self-taught photo manipulation master Sarolta Ban (see here) 2 years ago. During this time young Hungarian artist kept progressing and created a whole bunch of new surreal photo manipulations.