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25 Photographers Who Clearly Think That The End Justifies The Means

How far would you go for the perfect shot? These folk right here already know the answer: as far as it takes, and then more.

Cheat Sheet For Every Beginner Photographer

Professional photography is hard, no doubt about it. But this cheat sheet will help those first dipping their toes into professional waters.

Photographer Dad Makes His Kid With Down Syndrome Fly In A Heartwarming Project

Everybody wants to fly, especially the kids. And ‘Wil Can fly’ is a very special project about a flying boy.

This Photographer Spent 2 Years Taking Breathtaking Drone Pictures That Would Be Illegal Today

Previously, bird's-eye view photography was only available through expensive plane rides and balloon stunts. Quadcopters and drones changed the equation, and Amos Chapple spent two years travelling the world and taking photos with his remote-control friend.

The Majestic Power Of Ocean Waves Captured by Warren Keelan

Waves! The majestic mountains of water attract many an artist, and photographers are no strangers them, either. Here we see Warren Keelan doing his best to capture the ephemeral beauty of these crashing crests.

25 Finalists From 12th Annual Smithsonian Photo Competition

Time for another contest! The finalists of the 12th Annual Smithsonian Photo Competition have been announced.

Watch The Smallest Rodeo Ever As This Tiny Frog Tries To Ride A Beetle

Sure, riding a horse might be fun, but who wouldn't want a flying mount? This frog certainly did! Photographer Hendy Mp captured the hilarious spectacle of a frog trying to ride a beetle.

What NOT To Say To A Photographer

Italian graphic designer Luca Masini from Zerouno Design has created a series of images illustrating the most annoying requests, questions, and “insights” that professional photographers hear more often than they should.

18 Amazing Entries To 2015 Sony Photography Awards In Open Category

The Sony World Photography Awards are one of the greatest and most respectable annual photography competitions for amateurs and professionals in the field. We are glad to present you with 18 of the best entries from the Open category.

Norway, The Land Of Fjords, Trolls, And Vikings

If you haven’t visited this heavenly country, here are 28 pretty solid reasons for you to visit Norway as soon as you can!

Domestic Bliss: A Mother’s Darkly Humorous Family Portraits

Susan Copich is a commercial actress, dancer, photographer, and mother of two who created a satirical photo series called “Domestic Bliss” that highlights the not-so-shiny side of family life.

Russian Mining Engineer Photographs Arctic Foxes During His Work Breaks

Ivan Kislov is a Russian mining engineer who works in a remote North-Eastern Chukotka region in the Arctic Tundra. During the breaks of his long shifts at work, though, Kislov turns to his other passion for relaxation – wild animal photography. Here's a collection of his most stunning photos of wild arctic foxes.