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Love Is Colorful: Ad Campaign Shows That Love Comes In All Shapes, Colors And Sizes

Would love your significant others if they were green? ‘Love is Colourful’, an ad campaign by Zim Colored Powder, says 'yes!'

Musicians’ Portraits Before And After They Perform

Photographer Brandon Andersen has created an interesting before-and-after photography project that has portrayed, in a readily visible way, just how much effort some musicians can put into their live performances.

Creepy Portraits Of Infamous World Leaders Cuddling With Stuffed Animals

Chinese retouching artist Chunlong Sun has created a bizarre portrait series called “Celebrity,” which shows 5 of the most infamous world leaders from recent history gently holding stuffed animals in their arms. In the portraits, which were made using almost-look-alike Chinese stand-ins, the leaders look at once friendlier and creepier than ever before.

Portraits Of Identical Twins Over 50 Reveal Their Ageing Differences

Beijing-based photographer Gao Rongguo photographed pairs of identical twins over 50 years of age to showcase how time has revealed their different fates on their appearance.

Inmates Write Letters To Their Past Selves In Spine-Chilling Portraits By Trent Bell

Photographer Trent Bell asked 12 courageous convicts in the Maine prison system to handwrite sincere letters to their younger selves before they were sentenced and took raw portraits of them with their letters in the background.

Cancer Patients’ Priceless Reactions To Unexpected Makeovers Let Them Forget Their Troubles For A Second

The Belgian charity Mini Foundation, together with photographer Vincent Dixon, created a project called "If Only for a Second", which sought to give cancer patients an amusing chance to forget about their illness for at least a short little moment.

New Illusory Makeup Portraits By Alexander Khokhlov

Muscovite photographer Alexander Khokhlov (whose previous black-and-white series we've written about) has created yet another series of striking makeup portraits, and this time, it's in color. In 2D Or Not 2D, Khokhlov tries to convince us that the models' stunningly-decorated faces are 2D works of art.

Portraits of Cosplayers In Their Homes by Klaus Pichler

Austrian photographer Klaus Pichler has come up with an interesting and creative take on portrait photography - his photo series "Just The Two Of Us" features portraits of people dressed as their cosplay alter-egos. What's fun about this series is that it seems to combine the costumed characters and the people wearing them, as the...

13 Well-Dressed Zoo Animal Portraits by Yago Partal

Barcelona-based artist Yago Partal's "Zoo Portraits" series presents portraits of animals that are dressed up in carefully-picked and really stylish outfits. If you pay close attention to each portrait, you‘ll notice that their clothes actually match their characters.

Intriguing Two- and Three-Faced Girl Portraits by Sebastian Bieniek

Just when you might have thought that the portrait photography art form might be exhausted, German artist Sebastian Bieniek comes out with an interesting series like Doublefaced that manages to put a new twist on the photo portrait.

Portraits of Toddlers Tasting Lemon for the First Time

Photographers David Wile and April Maciborka created charming photo series, titled Pucker, where they photographed toddlers and their reactions to a first bite of lemon ever.

Creative Dad Takes Imaginative Photos Of His 4-year-old Daughter

Japanese photographer Toyokazu Nagano must be envied by many colleagues for the amazingly cooperative model that he works with - his youngest daughter, 4-year-old Kanna. His photo series are simply titled My Daughter Kanna, as the little girl and her personality is all that fills and entire frame...