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Posts tagged "sand art"

Gigantic Land Art In Sahara Desert Still Exists After 17 Years

In 1995 three artistic minds gathered together to create a massive art piece in the eastern Sahara desert bordering the Red Sea in El Gouna, Egypt. The D.A.S.T. Arteam, consisting of Danae Stratou (installation artist), Alexandra Stratou (industrial designer and architect) and Stella Constantinides (architect), spent two years displacing 8,000 m3 of sand to create...

Intricate Sand Paintings By Joe Mangrum

Since 2006, American artist Joe Mangrum has been packing bags of coloureds sand and decorating NYC pavement with his striking sand paintings. Most of his paintings are quite psychedelic and look like large mandalas, uniting spontaneous creation and deep meditation.

9,000 Soldiers Stenciled On Normandy Beach To Commemorate The Fallen of D-Day

On the beaches of the D-Day Allied landing of WW2 in Normandy, two British artists have come up with a beautiful way to celebrate International Peace Day (September 21st) and to commemorate those who died on those beaches.

Incredible Sand Drawings by Andres Amador

San Francisco-area based landscape artist and explorer Andres Amador creates incredible large-scale sand drawings using only a rake and some help from volunteers.

Amazing Sand Drawings on California Beaches by Jim Denevan

American sand artist Jim Denevan spends hours to create the most beautiful and probably the most impermanent drawings on the North California beaches. A surfer, and a self-taught chef creates his huge geometric sand sculptures freehand with a length of driftwood during the period of low tide and they last only as long as the...