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Posts tagged "self-portraits"

Thought-Provoking Selfies By Finnish Photographer Iiu Susiraja

innish self-portrait photographer Iiu Susiraja, however, shows us a radically different take on selfies that overturns our conventional concept of beauty, instead revealing her very personal, frank, and wickedly humorous relationship with her own body and her environment.

The Devastation Of Alzheimer’s Portrayed In 5 Years Of Self-Portraits By Suffering Artist

In 1995, at the age of 61, UK-based painter William Utermohlen was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The artist's artist’s self-portraits grimly illustrates the merciless progression of the disease, which he had been exploring through visual self-reflection with paint and brushes during the last 5 years of his artistically active life.

12 Mind-Bending Photo Manipulations by Martín De Pasquale

Buenos Aires-based art director and digital artist Martín De Pasquale is called by some the Photoshop wizard and not without a reason. He’s masterful digital photo manipulations blur the boundaries between dreams and reality, between things funny and scary.

16-Year-Old Shows How She Would Have Looked From The 1920s To 2010s

16-Year-Old Ohio State University student Annalisa Hartlaub had a question that many of us have probably pondered at one point or another - what might she have looked like if she lived in some other decade of the past century?

Stuff Being Thrown At My Head: Absurd And Funny Self-Portraits By Kaija Straumanis

U.S.-based photographer Kaija Struamanis apparently has a head of steel and a great sense of humour, both of which she demonstrates in her self-portrait series “Stuff Thrown At My Head.” The series captures her sudden, though planned, collisions with random objects, be they books, glasses or even pumpkins.

Artist Recreates 15th Century Flemish Portraits In Airplane Lavatories

U.S. artist Nina Katchadourian uses the things she finds in airplane lavatories and the things she has with her to create imitation 15th-century Flemish costumes and take portraits in airplane lavatories. It's probably one of the most creative ways to spend your time on a commercial flight that we've ever seen.

Incredible Self Portraits by 14-Year-Old Photographer

Better known by the nickname of 'fiddle oak', 14-year-old photographer Zev presents a highly imaginative portfolio of surreal self-portraits, which he created together with his sister Nellie.

Non-Photoshopped Upside Down Portraits by Caulton Morris

They say that sometimes you have to change your point of view to come up with an answer or a solution, and looks like a British photographer Caulton Morris took this advice quite literally. His work "Upside" is a series of self-portraits, where the guy stands upside down in the most bizarre settings.

Fruity Self-Portraits by 16-Year-Old Cristina Otero

While many photographers are in the race for the latest gear, 16-year-old Spanish photographer Cristina Otero uses a cheap Canon 1000D and 50mm f1.8 lens to create the most extraordinary self-portraits.