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Posts tagged "sewing"

Sew Wanderlust: Instead of Taking Photos, This Traveling Artist Embroiders Scenery On The Spot

Taking travel pictures is easy: point, click, get 3-50 likes on Facebook. Teresa Lim, a textile designer, wanted something more out of her travel mementos, so she embroidered what she saw.

How To Make A Cute Zipper-Mouth Cat Sweater

Instructables user Hellovillain shows you how to give your comfy but boring-looking blank sweater a second life by turning its front into an interactive smiling cat face.

Artist Uses Domestic Sewing Machine To Create Stunning Embroidery Sculptures

Meredith Woolnough is Australian visual artist who creates intricate embroidered tracings resembling the original art of nature. By using a domestic sewing machine and a fabric base that dissolves in water, the artist repeatedly stitches threads into dense structures that ultimately become embroidery sculptures.

Landscape Embroidery Art Flows Out Over Its Frames

Peruvian artist Ana Teresa Barboza is a master of embroidery – the art form thatshe interprets and revives in a highly original way. Combining embroidery and crocheting she creates lively landscapes with sea water spatters and rich green moss waving down the wall, making the boundary between tapestry and sculpture fade away.

Photorealistic Hand-Embroidered Portraits by Cayce Zavaglia

We've already seen some incredible pencil drawings that would be almost as accurate as photographs - but how about sewing some photo-realistic portraits..? St. Louis-based Cayce Zavaglia shows that it's possible, although still considers herself more of a painter.