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Posts tagged "splash"

Exploding Color Paintings by Hua Tunan

Fusion of different types of aesthetics or art mediums usually gives unexpected and beautiful results: much like in the case of China-based Chen Yingjie, better known as Hua Tunan. The artist combines traditional Chinese art principles with the contemporary culture to create beautiful painting where colors seem to explode into various shapes and forms.

Photographer Iain Crawford Dresses Models in Paint Splashes

A London-based photographer Iain Crawford mastered the way to capture the collision of a model’s body and a splash of paint so well that it looks as if the bodies in his pictures are clothed in color.

High Speed Liquid Flowers by Jack Long

Milwaukee-based photographer Jack Long has recently published incredible series of liquid flowers, amazingly, all captured in one high speed exposure, without any Photoshop trickery. The artist has perfected the method to shape and color the liquids by using the mixture of water, thickener, pigment and dye.

Underwater Ink Photography by Alberto Seveso

Italian graphic designer and illustrator Alberto Seveso released another mesmerizing collection of underwater ink photographs.

High-Speed Water Drop Photography by Heinz Maier

Heinz Maier started photography only about a year ago, but his high-speed water drop photos have already become an instant sensation. He is a great example that with todays technology you don't necessary need years of experience to start making good photos. Germany-based artist says that he doesn't know yet what genre he will choose,...

Ink Riders by Alberto Seveso

“There’s a place where people can ride the ink,” says Alberto Seveso describing his latest project “Ink Riders”. A graphic designer and illustrator from Italy was already famous for his high-speed photographs of ink mixing with water, and this time he comes back with these little LEGO guys surfing waves of beautifully rolling blue ink....

Sexy Color Splashing Photography by Gabriel Wickbold

This guy definitely has a talent, but he would also spill a whole bucket of paint on you just to get the perfect shot.