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Posts tagged "street art"

Striking Yoga Poses And Colorful Street Art Are Perfect Match In Yoga Instructor’s Instagram

Yoga and graffiti make for strange bedfellows, but not for Soren Buchanan who does yoga poses in front of stunning pieces of street art.

25 Powerful Pieces Of Street Art That Tell The Painful Truth

The world is not in a good shape, and these street artist are here to say it. Using the urban walls as their canvas, ROA, Blu, Banksy and many others are reaching out to the masses.

Water-Activated Street Art In Seattle To Make Everyone Smile On A Rainy Day

Everyone likes the smell after rain. And Seattle artist Peregrine Church has made Rainworks, a project that will make you love wet sidewalks.

Freaky Graffiti Of Dissected Cartoon Animals And Pop Culture Characters

Art has to make you feel something, even if that something isn't entirely pleasant. For example, Nychos here loves making pictures of dissected animals and even cartoon characters.

Banksy Secretly Gets Into Gaza To Create Controversial Street Art

Banksy is the artist when it comes to street art of all sorts. And he continues to stick it to the man by sneaking into Gaza, Palestine, to draw some uncomfortable art.

Weeds Slowly Overtake City Walls Around The World In Murals By Mona Caron

San Francisco-based artist Mona Caron is fascinated with the beauty and resilience of urban weeds, which inspired her to create these gorgeous weed murals.

Incredible 3D Graffiti Illusions By Portuguese Artist Odeith

Portuguese mural artist Odeith stands out from other urban painters with his mind-bending 3D graffiti works. Using deceptive shadows, hues, and other tricks, he manages to bring his 2D murals to life and make his paintings look as if they truly leap off the walls.

Portuguese Street Artist Creates A Giant Outdoor Owl Sculpture From Junk

This giant owl sculpture, nestled against a city wall in Covilhã, Portugal, was created by Portuguese street artist Artur Bordalo (aka Bordalo II). The sculpture is called “Owl Eyes” and is composed out of various metal scraps, tractor tires, corrugated sheet metal, and other bits of urban junk.

Spanish Street Artist Pejac Decorates European Cities With His Elegant Works

Pejac is a talented Spanish street artist whose works are widely recognized and appreciated all over Europe. The artist stands out for his light-hearted humor and poetic themes that make refined insights abut our world.

Street Artist Replaces Potholes With Flower Mosaics In Chicago

Chicago's cold winters leave the city's streets riddled with potholes. Instead of whining about the issue, Jim Bachor has his own way of fighting it – by creating neat mosaics inside potholes.

150 Street Artists Turned An Old Tunisian Village Into An Open-Air Art Museum

150 street artists from 30 countries created an open-air mural museum in Erriadh, a village on the Tunisian island of Djerba and one of the oldest in the country. The project was called “Djerbahood” and was organized by Medhi Ben Cheikh and the Galerie Itinerrance to decorate the village, revive it with new life, and...

Once Upon A Time, A Street Artist Turned His 7 Erased Messages Into A Story

A UK-based street artist known as Mobstr has created a truly interactive piece called “The Story.” The artist's first message on the wall he had chosen was “Once upon a time…” Only once the unspecified city’s clean-up crew painted over it could he continue his interactive project.