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Posts tagged "street art"

Spanish Street Artist Pejac Decorates European Cities With His Elegant Works

Pejac is a talented Spanish street artist whose works are widely recognized and appreciated all over Europe. The artist stands out for his light-hearted humor and poetic themes that make refined insights abut our world.

Street Artist Replaces Potholes With Flower Mosaics In Chicago

Chicago's cold winters leave the city's streets riddled with potholes. Instead of whining about the issue, Jim Bachor has his own way of fighting it – by creating neat mosaics inside potholes.

150 Street Artists Turned An Old Tunisian Village Into An Open-Air Art Museum

150 street artists from 30 countries created an open-air mural museum in Erriadh, a village on the Tunisian island of Djerba and one of the oldest in the country. The project was called “Djerbahood” and was organized by Medhi Ben Cheikh and the Galerie Itinerrance to decorate the village, revive it with new life, and...

Once Upon A Time, A Street Artist Turned His 7 Erased Messages Into A Story

A UK-based street artist known as Mobstr has created a truly interactive piece called “The Story.” The artist's first message on the wall he had chosen was “Once upon a time…” Only once the unspecified city’s clean-up crew painted over it could he continue his interactive project.

Six Industrial Silos Turned Into Cartoonish Giants By Os Gemeos

Six massive industrial silos on the Granville Island in Vancouver, Canada, have been wonderfully transformed into six vividly colored giants by Brazilian graffiti artist duo Os Gemeos. Octavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, the twin brothers behind Os Gemeos, dedicated roughly a month of their time to create this astonishing piece as part of the Vancouver Biennale....

Pejac Left New Street Art Pieces On The Walls Of Paris

Pejac, a well-recognized street artist, recently visited Paris again to leave his artsy footprint behind with at least three new tongue-in-cheek wall paintings.

Giant 4-Story Mural Of A Diving Dog Adds Colour To A Street In Belgium

Belgian street artist Bart Smeets, aka Smates, recently finished his latest work – a giant mural depicting a hyper-realistic dog under water. If you’re in Belgium, don’t miss the chance to see Smates’s mural, which is located on De Langhestraat in Mechelen.

Artist Covers City Streets Of Poland In Intricate Lace Patterns

Warsaw-based artist NeSpoon creates traditional ornate lace patterns to decorate various corners of the cities. What's even more interesting, is that she embraces many different forms of visual arts to create the laces, considering the specifics of particular sites that the artworks are destined to be places at.

Eye-Catching Railroad Art By Artur Bordalo

Portugese street artist Artur Bordalo has expanded our idea of where street art can be created by creating it straight onto railroad tracks. He uses the horizontal lines of the tracks to create clever and original pieces of art.

This Is What Happens When Street Art Meets Nature

Urban environments and nature are usually held to be polar opposites, but even in the concrete jungle, street artists can find a way to incorporate nature into their street art. That's exactly what the street artists who created these awesome pieces of street art did.

20 Of The Most Creative Sculptures From Around The World

Cities would be somewhat empty and dull without the beautiful interruptions of creative statues and sculptures. This list shows a variety of cities around the world with the most interesting sculptures, most of which became true symbols of their locations.

Artist Students Transform A Boring Electric Tower Into A Dazzling Lighthouse

A trio of German art students came up with a brilliant idea how to make art out of something already existing in our environment but not doing any aesthetical good. One thing led to another and a dull-looking electrical tower became an eye-catching stained glass lighthouse (Leuchttrum in German).